• Good morning. In th course of being a flirt, Caylee was interacting with someone in th spire. and The point was made that he was not as handsome as Caylee may have believed. his charisma was reported to be 8. In my opinion, one does not have to be handsome or beautiful to have a high charisma. I give you hitler, one of the most charismatic leaders of the 20th century, and any one of a bevy of airhead beauties that pass for celebrity now. No one could say that Paris hilton is not a beauty, but charisma level is about that of a toad on a log. or maybe the log.

    My point is that Charisma is not a matter of how good looking one is, at least not exclusively, but it is a measure of ones personality, and the readiness people would have to follow, fight for, or just like you.


  • Been a lot of discussions on this.

    Your extreme uglyness can actually be a partial source of your high charisma. You so insanely ugly, you stand out, and people notice you. Charisma is about presence.

  • I agree with Zool, I've known some very uncharismatic pretty people, they look pretty but you hate their guts even before you get to know them and you don't know why, so you try to be nice anyways but then they open their mouth… (low cha but pretty)

    And I've also met some really ugly people who were just so likeable. (high cha but ugly)

    Finally I've met some slightly above average looking people who weren't dislikeable but simply had little to no presence or were socially awkward, with training and practice I'm sure they could fix that, but without it this is just who they were (Meaning, your average low cha, can be fixed with points in social skills, and even if not fixed some people just love the timid ones.)

  • Keep in mind that charisma is ALSO beauty. However, there are 6 stats to take into account when trying to portray someones appearence.

    Paris Hilton might have a high charisma, but has very low intelligence and wisdom scores. It is her lack of intellect that to most make her unappealing. But if she kept her mouth shut, few dudes would dismiss her.

    A sorc might have 20 charisma, but due to his gimped con, str and dex, he is neither muscled, or agile. I would actually consider such a person one of the people spoken of, who'se body is so damaged and ugly that he stands out, and he has a strong presence, even if he is ugly as shit.

    I have had a paladin who was rude, and disliked, despite having a 16 charisma. She was portrayed as a beauty, but her personality was not the most adored. I also had a high charisma bardic retainer of an evil Lord, who generally was so pretty and liked, she got away with SOOOOO many bad things.

    So, dont isolate any one stat when trying to discuss what makes a person beautiful.

  • Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.

    So get hunting.

  • thought that was beer holder?

  • So then he's "handsome" due to his exotic look from cormyrians but he will blend better then a flashlight at high noon with other Shou.

    I think that qualifies as not standing out (back to the shadows with this guy)

  • I am sure that in the original game negative charisma was applied as a positive for blackguards and other evil beings when applied to their minions etc

  • power can be attractive too to some people

    weakness can also be a distraction from a charismatic intelligent wise person

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