-Tari does Research-

  • the elf enters the library - she would walk to the librarian - dip her head once and offer a soft smile - and ask

    Greetings, I seek knowledge on a group of men that dwell in the Underdark. I know little and forgive me for not offering more on what I seek..But- they wear black silks lined with the color gold, they also speak a unknown language..or atleast unknown to the group of adventurers that met them. They also seem to covet and horde Mythalite..Any knowledge on this would be for the cities best interest.

    the elf smiles again softly and politely waits for him to speak

  • [The librarians tell you that a man Named Doar Blake is currently researching the underdark, and they are looking forward to his final work. They also ask that if you do meet him, please encourage him to complete the piece, or at least turn in what he has so far. They look a little sad when they report the amount of books that might have been, until the author met an untimely end, still carrying the original copies…]

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