Caylee Halle researches medical journals if such exist.

  • The Pretty Redhead Aproaches the Librarian, her eyes puffy from crying, She has just left Rookes in the spire

    " Sir, I have a strange request and time is off the essence. A dear friend has been bitten by that Bat thing that is harassing people in old town, and the friend may have been infected with the curse.
    It occurs to me that As a Paladin of Sune, I may have divine immunity to such things. -If- this is the case, I was wondering if you have come across any references to blood transferring from one person to another in efforts to combat disease, or relieve the effects of severe blood loss from a wound?
    Time is of the essence sir, and I would donate many gems to the library, to offset the cost of
    rapid research."

    She waits for the reply….

  • [As 'medical journals' do not exist, the librarians tell her to seek advice from priests. Though they could also try searching through the books in the library for something specific. They think the idea of putting someone elses blood into someone is sick, and dont believe this person is a paladin. You over hear one asking another if they should get a guard or something, this 'paladin' could be some cyricist…]

  • // She thanks the Librarian for his time, and leaves a few precious gems on the counter, as promised , for the quick reply*

    It was a long shot in any event., sir, thank you.

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