Sever Wide Event, Sunday 5/4

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Going to be running an event next Sunday May 4th sometime around GMT 5PM, give or take an hour or two.

    Bring your adult diapers.

  • Admin [DM]


  • Do not attend?

  • I might maybe be there.

    Probably going to be late.

    Might be there the whole time.

    Definitely going to not afraid.

  • If I get out the pit, what is there to fear?

  • That's a honey badger.

    That lion has some serious DNA. It must be entirely insane.


  • Storyteller [DM]

    Event will likely be pushed back a few hours but should still run tomorrow at some point

  • It would be grand to know something about the timing, so I can shape my day and attend.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Hopefully not much more than a few hours from this post. I have a life too you know! 😃

  • Sorry, I didn't mean to demand anything.

  • i mostly hid in the back, and on many enemies, like the yugoloths, my weapons were ineffective, however, being able to go to the reconstructed Myth Drannor, and a treetop city, made me squee! Perhaps we could throw in some Ewoks lol joking. But seriously that was an awesome surprise.

    I was tempted to see if there was a way I could trade with other folks so that I could get the full set of Elven Myth Drannor equipment, but that would have been mostly for the awesomeness of having Elven Stuff 🙂

    I'm glad I could make it, and I hope that won't be the last trip to Myth Drannor.

    I'm glad the whole large group could make it, although I was thinking it would be useful to figure out what sizes' of parties tend to work best together, with a little experimentation… and maybe if sub-dividing groups into squads a little bit might be useful... so people can keep track of each other.

    I really appreciate the DM team (Puffy and Hominid? any others?) taking the time to make this happen. Thx guys, you rock!

    Kaiohwa/ Blackleaf

  • Thanks guys, this way quite fun event and it was swift enough, except when we, players were slowing things down, and perhaps the rewards section.
    It's cool I could stay to the end, even though it meant I could sleep like three hours. If it was a little slower, I surely have decided to call it a day. In short, execution was pretty pro this time!

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