ALTERING helms, etc

  • can you alter helms to look like a hood and balaclava (face covering?) What about altering that antler helm you can get to look that way?

  • No.

    Here's why.

    Helms replace the entire head model. As there are multiple head models (including ones with the look you are asking for) in order to have helms that show faces and other head elements etc, there would technically need to be a helm for every head model. Imagine a 'head band' you'd need to have the bald head head band, the blond long hair head band, the short hair head band, the pony tail head band. etc etc etc.

    So no, you can alter helms to (almost) any helm model the game has.

    This question is kind of pointless though, as you could just go through all the helm modifications available, and see that none are the face mask model, so you'd know the answer.

    Also, if you can'y modify a helm, you cant modify it. Pretty simple system.

    However, with the helm your talking about, you really shouldn't be able to modify it, as it's a stag helm by name, meaning, its a stag helm. If you can modify it, it's an oversight, and it should have been set to plot. (and any charges made sure to never hit 0)

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