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  • Six: package bulges Hey there.
    Liandrii Amraphel: looks up then speaks shyly um…. hello
    Six: smiles crookedly* Beautiful evening. You plan to waste it on the market bench
    Liandrii Amraphel: um..... sees where this is going uh..... quitely yes.
    Liandrii Amraphel: traces the tattoos on her left forearm
    Six: looks away I see. Talk to me when your of age, lass.
    Liandrii Amraphel: not looking at your face
    Liandrii Amraphel: blushes, tattoos glowing
    Sipas Erk'etamunay: Gods, what an arse
    Liandrii Amraphel: mutters something about "of age my arse"
    Sipas Erk'etamunay: I think he's the one who needs to do some growing up miss
    Liandrii Amraphel: sighs, the glow of her tattoos dieing why me...... sigh
    Sipas Erk'etamunay: Don't blame yourself for the idiocy of others

  • This is from ages ago, it's just a short 20 second encounter, but it really had me laughing OOC, regardless of how confused it made poor Geger.

    Geger, a small, armoured dwarf follows Grogal, a half-orc, dressed in some nice Wizards robes and cloak. After a short while Grogal stops and turns around.

    Grogal Shagorath: arches an eye
    Geger Veinfinder: You ain't alf dressed funny for a snout, lad.
    Geger Veinfinder: Ye some kinda clebrity?
    Grogal Shagorath: Not exactly.
    Grogal Shagorath: Grogal Shagorath, Mongrel Blood and Mage.
    Geger Veinfinder: blinks Oi! Ow'd you know 'ow te talk loike tha'?
    Grogal Shagorath: Education in Candlekeep, my Good Dwarf.
    Geger Veinfinder: blinks, shifting on his feet, obviously a little confused and uncomfortable Roight…
    Geger Veinfinder: Well.. Ave a goodun.. lad.
    Grogal Shagorath: flips a hand in the air
    Geger Veinfinder: Oh?
    Grogal Shagorath: If you can stomach…
    Geger Veinfinder: stops, watching in confusion
    Grogal Shagorath: Dealing with one with blood so foul and dirty as my own…
    Grogal Shagorath: I am a seller of potions…
    Grogal Shagorath: You can contact me grinds his teeth at the Pride of Arabel.
    Geger Veinfinder: Aye? The pride?! staggers in surprise
    Grogal Shagorath: Or, find my Commanding officer, Acer Defino.
    Grogal Shagorath: Of the Gleaming Blades.
    Geger Veinfinder: An' 'yer workin'?!
    Grogal Shagorath: nods
    Grogal Shagorath: Well of course.. Rather be dead than unemployed.
    Grogal Shagorath: snorts
    Geger Veinfinder: blinks Yer a funny ,one, lad.
    Grogal Shagorath: Too many of my kind about here think they can get away with freeloading.
    Grogal Shagorath: Hard Work… The smell of the Blacksmith forge, a little arcane brewing... these things make for a good day.
    Grogal Shagorath: But… I lollygag...
    Geger Veinfinder: jaw drops Aye.. Lollygag, Aye.
    Grogal Shagorath: A pearl to you dwarf… and next time we meet. I'd have your name, if you see fit to give it.
    Geger Veinfinder: watches him go

  • [I was just so cracked up when this happened I had to post it. lol.
    It starts with Mergen approaching Raven and Karin who are sitting on the grass in the market.]

    Mergen Natram: what are the odds of two beautiful girls sitting next to the same building?
    Karin Brown: About the same as the odds of you leaving unscathed, if you don't leave right now.
    Mergen Natram:[tries to think of the cheeziest punchline in his memory]
    Raven: glances around for the second girl
    Mergen Natram: hmmm
    Mergen Natram: [is deep in thought]
    Mergen Natram: hmmmmmmmmm
    Mergen Natram: HmMMMMMMMM!!!!
    Mergen Natram: Did it hurt?
    Karin Brown: Sighs No, but you'll hurt in a moment.
    Mergen Natram: Oh great
    Mergen Natram: Falling from heaven usually ends up with a big giant splatter.
    Mergen Natram: If your wondering why theres pools of blood arround sometimes.
    Karin Brown: I already know why.
    Mergen Natram: Happy you made it down fine
    Mergen Natram: must of fallen on a half orc.
    Karin Brown: It's because people like you don't know when to quit.
    Mergen Natram: yup
    Mergen Natram: Thats another reason.
    Mergen Natram: Who here likes pie?
    Mergen Natram: My favorite kind is apple.
    Mergen Natram: I like it because gnomes cant eat it.
    Enlo Arna: Sighs heavily, tilting his head back
    Mergen Natram: They are too short to reach the apples.
    Karin Brown: Sighs
    Raven: looks at Mergen with a twisted smile
    Mergen Natram: In other news.
    Mergen Natram: Did you know
    Mergen Natram: I found out the secret powers of Bane.
    Mergen Natram: I figured whats supplying him with all his powers.
    Karin Brown: That's great.
    Mergen Natram: yes it is.
    Raven: Good for you
    Mergen Natram: But then I forgot
    Mergen Natram: Cause I had to pee.
    Karin Brown: Sighs
    Mergen Natram: So I concluded that it was turtles.
    Mergen Natram: With sharpened spleens
    Mergen Natram: Falling from the sky.
    Karin Brown: Yes. That makes sense.
    Mergen Natram: see thats because
    Mergen Natram: Talos and Malar are friends.
    Mergen Natram: Malar gives Talos the turtles
    Karin Brown: Glances at Raven wearily
    Mergen Natram: and he adds em to the rain.
    Mergen Natram: And then it stabs people
    Mergen Natram: Who didn't pay for sharpened spleened turtle insurance.
    Mergen Natram: I however am well prepared.
    Raven: Don't you have something important to do somewhere else? Like not being smacked in the mouth for talking crap?
    Mergen Natram: I invested in Asmodeus Insurance.
    Kira Fynolt: telling overly tall stories again eh
    Mergen Natram: If devils eat me alive.
    Mergen Natram: My cat gets a shitload of money.
    Mergen Natram: And thats how I met its mother.
    Kira Fynolt: hmm well now i know who to mug when i do you in eh *grins disarmingly and mischievous
    Mergen Natram: But seriously, pumpkins will eat you alive.
    Mergen Natram: If you dont know how to use your salt.
    Karin Brown: Sighs I don't need this today.
    Mergen Natram: Because they are enraged by turtles.
    Mergen Natram: Which have been falling everywhere today.
    Mergen Natram: But thats ok
    Mergen Natram: Salt repels pumpkins
    Raven: I need a frigging drink.

    [Raven leaves towards the Dancing Dragon Inn]
    Mergen Natram: awww
    Karin Brown: Go away, now.
    Mergen Natram: I know
    Mergen Natram: she left like if you said that
    Mergen Natram: fifteen seconds before.
    Karin Brown: Go follow that other pretty woman.
    Karin Brown: She seemed to like you.
    Mergen Natram: Sure!

    [Mergen catches up to Raven near the entrance to the Dancing Dragon]
    Mergen Natram: hey
    Mergen Natram: I was told to follow you
    Mergen Natram: because you like me.
    Raven: Right….
    Mergen Natram: by your friend over there [points]
    Raven: Of course.
    Mergen Natram: Holy crap lookout behind you!!!

    [Raven enters the Dancing Dragon ignoring Mergen and he goes back to Karin]
    Mergen Natram: [gasps]
    Mergen Natram: she was eaten by a doorway.
    Karin Brown: …

  • One of the few opportunities I've had to play Donnel genuinely angry about something… also, the running commentary from our audience was just brilliant.

    Rift Drell: Smiles Hello, Elrilia.
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [smiles] Hello Rift
    Donnel Bowdyn: [frowns slightly when he sees Rift]
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [kisses him on the cheek]
    Rift Drell: Smiles down at her Is everything well?
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [shrugs] As well as could be expected
    Rift Drell: Nods I'm glad.
    Elrilia Le'tendel: Have you heard from the Warden yet?
    Rift Drell: Not yet, unfortunately.
    Rift Drell: Soon, I hope.
    Donnel Bowdyn: [frowns] How was the patrol, Rift?
    Donnel Bowdyn: Any problems?
    Donnel Bowdyn: [sounds vaguely angry]
    Rift Drell: It went fairly well, apart from the triad of goblin tribes we ran into on the way back.
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [glances at Donnel curiously, but says nothing]
    Donnel Bowdyn: [nods]
    Rift Drell: Several goblin tribes were amassing on the road, for some reason.
    Donnel Bowdyn: Elrilia… I'd like to talk to Rift for a moment... if you don't mind?
    Rift Drell: Raises an eyebrow
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [frowns, looking from one to the other]
    Rift Drell: Scratches his chin
    Rift Drell: Ah!
    Elrilia Le'tendel: If you want to. I'll be over there when you're done.
    Rift Drell: Right, that.
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [shrugs]
    Donnel Bowdyn: [glares] Right… that...
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [shakes her head, confused]
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Gorrek the Eel. Gerfannon will now rest. He will go outside the walls, where the dreams are kinder. Find a worthy warriors for the Warband.
    Gorrek The Brutal: nods I'll keep an eye out.
    Donnel Bowdyn: So…?
    Rift Drell: So, what?
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Only warriors Worthy of Uthgar and Tempus.
    Donnel Bowdyn: That was an interesting choice you made, Rift?
    Rift Drell: I didn't make any choices.
    Rift Drell: Not my call.
    Donnel Bowdyn: [frowns] Not your call?
    Gorrek The Brutal: sits down and pulls an apple out of his bag, starting to slice it into thin slices and eating them
    Rift Drell: It's irrelevant what /I/ think.
    Donnel Bowdyn: You were the one that called the patrol Rift… if it was anyones call it was yours...
    Rift Drell: Shrugs That's not how I like to do things.
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [pulls out a notebook and starts writing]
    Gorrek The Brutal: pulls a bottle of ale from the bag, uncorks it and takes a gulp
    Rift Drell: I'd rather let the group decide.
    Rift Drell: 'Course…
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [glances up at Rift and Donnel from time to time]
    Rift Drell: If I /had/ taken a side, say, yours, I'd probably not be here…
    Rift Drell: Tarrith, Miki, and Gwen would've likely left, like as not.
    Rift Drell: Shrugs
    Donnel Bowdyn: [frowns] You know damn well why I had to leave, Rift… but it's alright, is it? Because it was easier not to take a side...?
    Gorrek The Brutal: throws the apple core into the drain
    Rift Drell: Donnel, Tarrith proved to be trustworthy a dozen bloody times on that patrol.
    Rift Drell: I've seen /no/ evidence of supposed "Taint", apart from your words.
    Rift Drell: Uh
    Rift Drell: I'm not saying I don't believe you, by the way.
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [frowns, hearing the drift of angry voices]
    Donnel Bowdyn: [Stares at Rift] Apart from my words?
    Gorrek The Brutal: pulls out another apple, starting to eat it
    Rift Drell: If it wasn't for Tarrith, the entire patrol would've gone to the hells and back
    Donnel Bowdyn: [glares] That's not the bloody point, Rift.
    Rift Drell: What's the point, then? That I should ignore her actions?
    Rift Drell: I've seen no evidence of /any/ taint, ignoring some foul language.
    Rift Drell: Actions speak louder than words, Donnel, even if they /are/ yours.
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: So, Gorrek finds Gerfannon warriors?
    Gorrek The Brutal: shrugs Nobody interesting around… watches the two arguers interestedly while munching on an apple
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: They be skalds?
    Donnel Bowdyn: You chose the easy option Rift... I expected more from you.
    Gorrek The Brutal: Nah. An old married couple, I'd guess. chuckles
    Rift Drell: Easy? You think it was easy?
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: They be married? This be allowed by the City-Dwellers?
    Rift Drell: I'd rather have tossed the lot and brought you along.
    Gorrek The Brutal: Hells, I don't know. I'm just enjoying the show.
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: scratches his head and looks mighty confused
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Ah , they be tricksters and be breaking taboos?
    Donnel Bowdyn: You're damn right it was easy? Do you have any idea how many times I've had to let groups go off on there own...
    Donnel Bowdyn: Do you have any idea why I have to live by these damn oaths...? What they mean?
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: The other dresses like a wife, that be true.
    Donnel Bowdyn: [glares at the spectators]
    Gorrek The Brutal: I think he's a priest of some sort.
    Gorrek The Brutal: lifts his bottle of ale in salute
    Rift Drell: Glances to the spectators and shrugs
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Sha-person? Of the trickster spirit?
    Gorrek The Brutal: Honestly, I don't know.
    Gorrek The Brutal: Speak up, fellows! How's an orc to hear the by-play if you're whispering over there! grins
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Gerfannon has difficult time , understanding how the ways of the city-folk go.
    Rift Drell: To answer your question:
    Rift Drell: No, I've barely the slightest idea what your oaths mean.
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: It be normal for tricksters to engage in duel of words in the middle of the camp?
    Gorrek The Brutal: shrugs No reason why not, except for the audience. chuckles
    Rift Drell: I /do/ know that I'd rather judge someone by their actions than by some invisible feeling that I've seen no evidence of.
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Ah, so this be a ritual then?
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: If audience is required?
    Rift Drell: Thoughtfully Not that I've held much by that, anyway…
    Gorrek The Brutal: No, I guess it's just an argument.
    Rift Drell: Shrugs
    Rift Drell: One of my closest friends is Rav, I suppose that's to be expected.
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: nods sagely Tricksters always be arguing with each other.
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Be their way, as is dressing as a woman
    Donnel Bowdyn: [frowns] Invisible feeling… it's more then just an invisible feeling, Rift... it's a damn sickness... I can barely stand to be any near anyone that I can sense it in.
    Donnel Bowdyn: And you dismiss it as an 'invisible feeling'.
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Oh, these be tricksters of Talona? Be powerful people.
    Gorrek The Brutal: No, I'd guess just the opposite.
    Gorrek The Brutal: Talonites would enjoy a sick person around.
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Yes, but tricksters do everything backwards
    Donnel Bowdyn: [shakes his head, looking at Rift with disgust] If your so damn sure that you made the right decision then go and see what Elrilia has to say…
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Perhaps that be why they married.
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [looks up at the sound of her name, a quizzical expression on her face]
    Rift Drell: It doesn't matter whether or not my decision was the right one.
    Rift Drell: Uh-
    Donnel Bowdyn: She is the reason why I expected more from you, after all.
    Rift Drell: Though, as I said, I didn't make the decision.
    Gorrek The Brutal: Now they just brought in the in-laws. chuckles
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Be terrible thing. Gerfannon wish such thing on no one.
    Donnel Bowdyn: Not your decision? Right, we're back to this, are we…? You let the damn group make the decision for you... it's the same damn thing.
    Gorrek The Brutal: munches on the apple, then throws the core into the drain
    Rift Drell: The decision would affect the group as a whole.
    Rift Drell: Therefore, I let the group decide.
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Hmmm. Perhaps Talona allows for several wives.
    Gorrek The Brutal: No, I think he was leading an adventuring group...
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [sets her pen down and closes the notebook, watching the two of them]
    Gorrek The Brutal: And now there's an argument about what happened. shrugs
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Gerfannon once met an Oathtaker of Talona, he asks from him, when Gerfannon has his warband and returns to the North, victorious
    Gorrek The Brutal: You do that, then. grins I hope to hear the answer.
    Donnel Bowdyn: [frowns] Yes… you let the group decide... and it wsa the wrong damn decision...
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Of course, after that, Gerfannon will cut off his head, clean the skull and have craftsmen turn it to tankard.
    Rift Drell: From your point of view, yes.
    Rift Drell: Thing is-
    Rift Drell: That stuff's subjective.
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Killed many newborns, he did.
    Gorrek The Brutal: I don't know if I'd drink from the skull of a Talona worshipper...
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Powerful medicine, keeps poisons away.
    Gorrek The Brutal: Perhaps a tankard for your enemies? chuckles
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Perhaps. Be breaking a taboo, poisoning one's enemies.
    Gorrek The Brutal: Yeah, I guess someone'd frown if you poison them at dinner table. Unless they're family, of course.
    Donnel Bowdyn: Subjective? What in the hells do you mean... subjective?
    Rift Drell: Opinions, Donnel.
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: If you share salt or mead, you be honorbound to not poison your guests.
    Rift Drell: /You/ think it was the wrong decision.
    Gorrek The Brutal: Is family guests, then?
    Donnel Bowdyn: There's not a damn thing subjective about what I could sense in her...
    Rift Drell: /I/ have seen absolutely no evidence of that, not including this discussion.
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: You be sharing salt and mead with them every day, no?
    Rift Drell: And what about what I /couldn't/ sense in her?
    Gorrek The Brutal: shrugs Only if I like them enough. grins
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: How long they will continue this ritual, Gorrek knows?
    Donnel Bowdyn: [glares] What I could sense in her has the balance of her past actions…
    Rift Drell: Supposedly.
    Rift Drell: The past is in the past.
    Gorrek The Brutal: shakes his head All day, maybe. Depends on when the woman gets the last word, usually.
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: True.
    Donnel Bowdyn: [glares, fists clenched at his sides] Supposedly…!?
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: But perhaps, as tricksters, they want the man to win?
    Gorrek The Brutal: Well, I guess then it's the other way around.
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Might take a cycle of Moon?
    Gorrek The Brutal: Who knows?
    Donnel Bowdyn: You damn well better explain yourself Rift... I thought Elrilia talked you out of this stupidity...
    Rift Drell: Let me explain, then.
    Rift Drell: One of my closest friends is Rav, as I said. When you get to know Rav, you learn to take things with a grain of salt.
    Donnel Bowdyn: What in the hells is that supposed to mean?
    Rift Drell: It means every single paladin who meets the girl calls her an evil wench, and yet those who know her have seen /nothing but evidence to the godsdamned contrary/.
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: They be learning the good ways then, sharing salt.
    Rift Drell: You say you see the, uh...
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Making peace with friends. nods
    Rift Drell: Balance of past actions? Something like that-
    Gorrek The Brutal: Ah, I thought so. Paladins, always jumping to conclusions... chuckles and pulls out another apple
    Rift Drell: Were you /there/ for her past actions?
    Rift Drell: Are you viewing them in context?
    Rift Drell: What about current actions?
    Donnel Bowdyn: [glares] The darkness that I can sense is brought about by evil actions performed with evil intent…
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Must be tricksters with their strange words.
    Gorrek The Brutal: munches an apple and takes a sip of ale, watching the show
    Rift Drell: Nods to Keyana
    Donnel Bowdyn: Do you really think it matters that you haven't seen any evidence of that...
    Keyana Morrison: Somthing amiss, Recruit?
    Rift Drell: No, not really, ma'am.
    Rift Drell: Salutes
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Perhaps the Shield-Maiden is part of the ritual to Gorrek
    Donnel Bowdyn: I can damn well sense the evidence you fool... that's the whole damn point.
    Gorrek The Brutal: It's a very open performance. chuckles
    Rift Drell: And /I/ can't. And I've seen none of it.
    Rift Drell: If I'd seen any evidence?
    Keyana Morrison: Got a problem with my recruit, Ilmateri?
    Rift Drell: Sure, I'd've told her to get lost.
    Donnel Bowdyn: [glances at Keyana] No… I think we're just about done here.
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Ilmateri! The Servant of Soul Stealer... Gorrek, this man be a powerful trickster, must be wary around him.
    Rift Drell: Shrugs If you say so.
    Keyana Morrison: Lovely. Please disperse then.
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: makes a gesture averting evil
    Donnel Bowdyn: Tell Elrilia about this or I will.
    Rift Drell: Glances to Gerfannon
    Gorrek The Brutal: chuckles Well, the shows about over, just curtain call left.
    Rift Drell: I suppose I'll have to tell her, then.
    Rift Drell: Anyway, you heard the lady.
    Donnel Bowdyn: Apart from that, I'm done with you.
    Rift Drell: Sure thing, Donnel.
    Rift Drell: Farewell!
    Gerfannon Wyrmclaw: Ritual must be over, then.
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [looks up at him]
    Elrilia Le'tendel: What was all that about?
    Donnel Bowdyn: [glances at Elrilia as he passes, looking angry]
    Rift Drell: Not really a win, there, gents.
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [watches him leave, puzzled]

  • [Four unnamed thieves tinkering over the same lock]

    Thief 1: Tries it on the lock, fiddling with it
    Thief 2: Removes their helmet and puts their gloves in her belt, taking out some tools
    Thief 3: Crouches down to try and help with his remaining pick
    T1: Hmf… Still fiddling
    T2: Tell me what to do
    T3: Ye Tell me where ye needin' this, aye lad...
    T1: Right right...
    T1: Gimme a moment to see, fark this helmet
    T1: Now with that... Holding still I can hold more tumblers up, see?
    T1: Would be easy for you to get the rest up
    T1: Holds their lockpick up looking at Thief 3
    T3: Nods slowly and slides their probe in gesturing with his head for Thief 2's help
    T4: Scowls, observing the procedure, ready to grab the lid if the lock clicks open
    T2: Almost lies down on the floor to get room to help with the lock
    T1: Mutters Don't think I've seen such a complex lock before even...
    T2: Wait...
    T1: Glances at T3 for a moment then at the lock
    T3: See if you can slip it in to the ones I can't
    T2: Adjusts their position
    T2: Lets see now...
    T1: Sighs in frustration Try not to break my pick, ey?!
    T2: Slides their tools inside the lock, their elbows resting on the floor to steady their movement*
    T1: It is a rare one, Chuckles
    T3: Aye, not seen one like it for a while
    T2: I bet we look frigging hilarious right now...
    T4: Could be worse, Their voice returning to a more polished tone T1 still has the makeup...
    T1: Aye, four people in a bedroom in such a position,
    T1: We could give the wrong idea...
    T4: Snarls in frustration
    T2: Someone get their frigging elbow out of my face before I bite it off!
    T4: Steps a bit to the left, arm visibly shaking as she holds it, tensed
    T3: Suppresses a chuckle and holds his breath as he fidgets with his pick
    T1: No more jokes, I promise
    T2: Pearls of sweat appear on their forehead as they try to move the minutiae of the lock
    T4: Just it the feck open, boy!
    T1: I'm doing my part, alright?!
    T2: You sound like a bloody married couple!
    T4: Like hells we do!
    T1: Eww... Makes a sound of disgust in the back of his throat
    T1: Just stuck out my tongue and touched the helmet...
    T3: Aye, gotta clean that mouth guard, lad
    T1: We're close, I can hear it...
    T2: Breath shallow as they concentrate
    T4: As the lock clicks they slam the the chest lid open furiously and grab for the contents furiously, venting their annoyance
    T1: Hah!
    T3: Watch out for any part of the trap left, aye?
    T2: Rolls out of the way to avoid being trampled by T4
    T3: It was an odd one...
    T4: Fecking hells... It's a wardrobe in here...
    T3: Peers over T4's shoulder
    T1: Sighs and kisses his lucky pick

  • Jenner comes out of her inn room to find a few of her friends drunk 🙂 (I like Fen's response to my tells)

    Jenner Fenwick: Hi Duggar
    Tomanii Amraphel: Eright!
    Duggar: Burp
    Duggar: Hey der sexy orcer!
    Tomanii Amraphel: Burp
    Tomanii Amraphel: Burp
    Tomanii Amraphel: She is sexer!
    Tomanii Amraphel: Mmhmm!
    Jenner Fenwick: blushes
    Duggar: Hey orcer!
    Jenner Fenwick: you're drunk
    Duggar: Kim here!
    Duggar: Burp
    Tomanii Amraphel: Burp
    Duggar: Yer…yer wantin er drank beaterful?
    Tomanii Amraphel: Most bertiful orcer ever!
    Tomanii Amraphel: smiles brightly
    Jenner Fenwick: hah that's like saying "you're the thinnest hippo ever"
    Jenner Fenwick: [Tell] Duggar's drunk and hitting on me 😃
    Ferdinand Fenwick: [Tell] smother him with your breasts…

    Tomanii Amraphel: Wert?
    Duggar: Mer cushin fer mer pushin!
    Jenner Fenwick: blushes deeper
    Tomanii Amraphel: Errr. Yerr!
    Jenner Fenwick: I'll see you when you're sober
    Duggar: Erm serber!
    Duggar: Gimmer cushin!
    Tomanii Amraphel: We haven't fallern yert!
    Duggar: Burp
    Tomanii Amraphel: Burp
    Duggar: Burp
    Tomanii Amraphel: Burp
    Duggar: Cushin cushin!
    Jenner Fenwick: puts a finger on Duggar's forehead and pushes (Duggar falls over)
    Tomanii Amraphel: falls over, passing out
    Myra Nefzen: laughs
    Jenner Fenwick: hah two down
    Jenner Fenwick: hehe
    Duggar: burps
    Tomanii Amraphel: burps

  • The Funeral of the Knights of the Merciful Sword.

    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] I believe we are ready to begin.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] [nods]
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] [takes a slow, steady breath]
    [Corwin_ofAmber] Caleb Beaumont: [Talk] slowly adjusts his leather glove, it flexing with a weathered creaking sound as warm and rich as the wooded mahogoney tone with which is bears a striking resemblance
    [Loonayaa] Alexania Daxton: [Talk] folds her cloak and stores it in her pack to be in proper uniform
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] All bow heads. quietly bows her head We're gathered here today to honor the Knights of the Merciful Sword's Arabellan Chapter. We ask that Lord Tyr guides them in the afterlife, seeing them to their posts as Guardians, preventing Suffering, promoting Duty and seeing Good prevail. Praise be to the Gods of the Merciful Sword.
    [Gruffman11] Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: [Talk] bows head
    [Kitten Heels] Callanthra Fourleaf: [Talk] Inclines her head
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] Praise be to the Gods of the Merciful Sword. [She repeats.]
    [Liruna] Eleanor Hawklin: [Talk] Bows her head silently
    [ace.m.mori] Enlo Arna: [Talk] Looks at his gloved hand for a moment before inclining his head
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Praise be to the Gods of the Merciful Sword
    [Lyarie] Ferra Ninnar: [Talk] bows head
    [Goblin Chieftain] Rodon Rogermane: [Talk] bows his head
    [sakusdakus] Tomian: [Talk] nods
    [Loonayaa] Alexania Daxton: [Talk] bows her head though not fully to be able to keep an eye on the crowd
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] [bows his head]
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] [She bows her head in silence.]
    [Corpse Famine the Oozing] Aklar Khondar: [Talk] Remains silent, standing erect and watching those gathered
    [The Peeper] Keyana Morrison: [Talk] Dips her head low
    [COA_Aristos] Hanan Swift: [Talk] quietly bows his head
    [sakusdakus] Tomian: [Talk] slightly lowers his head
    [Loonayaa] Alexania Daxton: [Talk] she crosses her hands behind her back and fidgets with her fingers in a nervous manner
    [Ruza] Jenner Fenwick: [Talk] dittos
    [CoA_Shade] Jack Miller: [Talk] lowers his head slightly8
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] lifts her head Elrilia Le'tendel, you may begin.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] [nods]
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] gestures at Rodon and Mando to come closer
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] [speaks clearly, her voice carring to each corner of the room] Welcome, to each of you.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Before I begin the service in honour of the Ilmateri Knights, let us pray together for the blessing of the Gods of the Merciful Sword , that they will draw close and look upon us with favour.
    [Can't sleep, clowns will eat me] Dante Alvarna: [Talk] Leans silently against the pillar, packing his cloak away, hands clasped respectfully behind his back.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Please bow yourheads as we pray
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] [She drops her head.]
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] [bows his head and closes his eyes]
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] In the name of righteousness, we call upon the blessing of Ilmater, of Torm, of Tyr, of Lathander, of Helm and of Siamorphe.
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] bows her head
    [CoA_Elsbeth] Isabella Sennett: [Talk] head is still bowed from the last prayer
    [Lyarie] Ferra Ninnar: [Talk] bows her head
    [sakusdakus] Tomian: [Talk] * lowers his head

    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Weep with us as we grieve for the fallen, and rejoice with us as we honour the sacrifice of the valiant souls who gave their service and their lives in duty.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Amen
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] Amen.
    [Liruna] Eleanor Hawklin: [Talk] Bows her head, her lips moving silently
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] Amen
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] [raises her head, looking slightly over the heads of the assembled crowd]
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Ilmater's love and compassion encompasses each of us.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Every life, including our own, is precious to He who weeps at the sufferings of this broken world.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Ilmater's children hold fast to the comfort He offers us, of the hope and promise that is offered to us in death as in life, of eternal rejoicing within the House of the Triad.
    [Can't sleep, clowns will eat me] Dante Alvarna: [Talk] His head is only very slightly inclined, possibly interprited as a bow of the head, or possibly not.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] We are here today, each with different memories and different feelings of love, of grief and of respect for these valiant souls we honour.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] We are here to express our loss and our sorrow, and to find mutual support and consolation in our shared grief.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] But we are also here to give honour and recognition to the memory of the Knights who fell in defence of us all.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] We meet in the name of Ilmater, the Crying One, who weeps for the sufferings endured by His children.
    [sakusdakus] Tomian: [Talk] moves his head a bit higher as he glances at Elirilia
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] We have come here to remember before Him our brothers and sisters, to give thanks for their lives, to commend them and their deeds to Him, and to comfort one another
    [The Peeper] Keyana Morrison: [Talk] Stands still, and silent
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Ilmater, Lord of all consolation, look with compassion on your children in our loss.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Give to our troubled hearts the light of your hope, and strengthen us in the gift of faith.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Ilmater, Lord of mercy, we acknowledge that we each have fallen short of your calling. We turn from the wrongs that we have said and done, and are mindful of all that we have failed to do.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Forgive us all that is past, and help us to live each day in the light of your divine grace. Forgive us our failings, and bring us at the last into the eternal joy of the House of the Triad, where sorrow and pain have no dominion.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Amen
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] Amen.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] [turns, smiling] DOnnel, would you come up here a moment?
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] [nods]
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Donnel is going to recite for us a hymn, that speaks to the comfort and assurance that Ilmater bestows upon us.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] [nods to him]
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] gestures for Mando to approach
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] [he approaches and bows to all humbly]
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] [clasps his hands behid his back, speaking in a voice that wavers slightly but still carries to each corner of the room]
    [Definitely Maybe] Havik Kahn: [Talk] [he smirks slightly, looking over donnel]
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] Be still, my soul: Ilmater is on thy side
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] watches the group in the front
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] bear patiently the pangs of grief or pain
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] [nods]
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] leave to thy God to order and provide
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] in every change he faithful will remain.
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] through thorny ways leads to a joyful end.
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] [takes a breath before continuing, his voice calmer now]
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] Be still, my soul: thy God doth undertake
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] to guide the future as he has the past.
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] Thy hope, thy confidence let nothing shake
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] all now mysterious shall be bright at last.
    [Can't sleep, clowns will eat me] Dante Alvarna: [Talk] Tightens a glove, almost seeming a nervous gesture as he scans the room silently, before returning his gaze to Donnel.
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] Be still, my soul: the waves and winds still know
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] his voice who ruled them while he dwelt below.
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] [takes another breath]
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] Be still, my soul: when dearest friends depart
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] and all is darkened in the vale of tears
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] then shalt thou better know his love, his heart,
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [stands there, like a paragon of righteous goodness, emoting needless things that break the chat log. He's going to stop now. So should you.]
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] who comes to soothe thy sorrow and thy fears.
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] glances over at Alwir, then resumes observing Donnel
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] Be still, my soul: Ilmater can repay
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] from his own fullness, all he takes away.
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] [one more brief pause]
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] Be still, my soul: the hour is hastening on
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] when we shall be forever with our Lord
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] when disappointment, grief and fear are gone
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] sorrow forgot, love's purest joys restored.
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] [holds the sheep and glances at it quickly]
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] Be still, my soul: when change and tears are past
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] all safe and blessed we shall meet at last.
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] [bows his head slightly as he finishes]
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] [nods to him, smiling] Thank you.
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] [shakes head sightly and takes a big breath]
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] [nods, smiling slightyl at Elrilia as he returns to his post]
    [Definitely Maybe] Havik Kahn: [Talk] condolences.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] The brothers and sisters we have come here to honour did not sacrifice themselves for glory, or for praise, although they are both glorious and praiseworthy.
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] [murmurs a short prayer to Helm to himself before goin' to make the speech]
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] They gave their lives for duty.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] They were called to become paladins, and they answered that call.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] They were called to serve Arabel faithfully as Knights, and they answered that call.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] And when they were called to lay down their very lives in service, they answered that call.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Ilmater teaches us that we must stick to our cause if it is just, whatever the pain or peril.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] These brothers and sisters we are here to remember embody that wisdom of self-sacrifice.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Their deaths have bought the prospect of safety and deliverance for those of us who remain.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] They have joined the ranks of the hallowed martyrs who throng the House of the Triad.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Yet, as these honoured Knights pass to their deserved eternal reward, we who have been delivered through their sacrifice remain.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Our city has been redeemed by the price of their blood, and the mantle has now passed to us.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] It is now our sacred duty to bring meaning to the sacrifice they have made for us, through our words and our deeds.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Their memory and their duty now lies in our hands.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] And may Ilmater the Compassionate, Tyr the Just, and Torm the True, grant us the courage and the wisdom to answer that call.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] We have before us the example of these brave Knights to guide us.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] May their memory and their shining example inspire and comfort us.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] They sacrificed themselves for duty, and in that sacrifice they have become holy martyrs.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] We will remember them.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Let their names be spoken with reverence, and their deeds be sung by the minstrels.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] With the passing of the years and the turning of the ages, we will remember them.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Amen
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] Amen.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] [closes her eyes briefly]
    [Gruffman11] Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: [Talk] sniffles abit
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Priestess Alwir of Torm will speak next, to pray for the Tormite faithful
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] [bows her head, then turns to take ALwir's place]
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] [She looks at each face in turn.]
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] May the Loyal Fury preserve us as we stand before Him now, to mourn the passing of great men, whom died in service of Their Lords, whom gave the Ultimate Sacrifice.
    [Gruffman11] Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: [Talk] rubs nose after a sniffle
    [Broken_Gunblade] Canderous Mordan: [Talk] [bows his head]
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] folds her arms, watching quietly, a sad expression upon her face
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] [She takes a small breath before she begins, placing her hands behind her back.]
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] [remains in silent, head bowed dwon during Alwir's speech]
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] *down
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] Reveal the truth, punish the guilty, right the wrong, and always be true and just in your actions.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] As some of you may know, this is the first tennent of faith of a Tyrran.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] Adherence of law, preservation of integrity, unyielding dedication.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] These all describe the true character of a Knight of the Merciful Sword.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] In the winter of 1358 Dale Reckoning, Abbot Kerian Evenhand came to Arabel.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] He built this fortress, in which you now pray.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] The history of the Knights is a tale of heroic deeds, of adherence to law, and of futy to all good beings.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] However, I am afriad I do not have time to tell all the tales of the fine Knights this eve.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] Yet I do have one, which may be the epitome of those fine men.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] I was there to witness that fine example, I accompanied Knight Stallner actually, and others in this room.
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] shifts slightly
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] We were sent to defeat the dread Lich Clar Banda, and to retrieve the body of Sir Caspian, a great Knight.
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] stands upright as Alwir continues
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] The body of Sir Caspian resides behind us, along with a tome of his deeds and actions.
    [geek4life72] Arvan Denethial: [Talk] turns to look briefly at Stallner then returns gaze to front
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] As many of you may know, the dreaded lich queen is a dangerous foe, and we awoke her from her slumber.
    [Toro] Eldred AllGood: [Talk] listens intently, briefly confused at the tension in the room
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] It seems that she had turned good Knight Caspian as an agent of her dark bidding, he seemed to obey her command.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] And yet, as good men of faith do, we battled the dreaded Lich upon the steps of her lair, and we could see a history begin to reappear in the eyes of Sir Caspian.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] As is true to any Knight of the Merciful Sword, Caspian felt his tennents of duty and honor stirring in his old bones.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] He broke Crewshanks' spell, and turned upon him, striking down the beast that had led him astray in the after life.
    [Senseitravis] Danu: [Talk] slips in quietly
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] Even in death, a Knight of the Merciful Sword never forgets his duties to the innocent, to deliver justice upon the guilty.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] The duties of Torm call for adherence to, above all things- faith, family, masters, and all good beings of Faerun.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] So served the Knights of the Merciful Sword, with honor, integrity, and valor.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] In their final hours, good Knight Pers Sane called upon his brothers in arms to conduct one final mission, to defeat the Demon Manithel.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] Many of the Knights fell that day, including one of our close friends Abin Nix, Paladin of Tyr.
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] clenches her plated hands into fists
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] [glances over to Marissa, shaing her head gently]
    [Gruffman11] Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: [Talk] sniffles
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] Yet friends, we are here today not only to mourn the loss of our close brothers and allies, but to celebrate.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] Rejoice for the fallen Knights, the true and honorable Knights, for they shall forever rest in the halls of their faithers, and serve justly and true forever and ever.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] Remember the Knights, Brothers and Sisters.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] Remember their deeds, remember their names.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] And remember these lessons that they left with us.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] Salvation may be found through service..
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] [She holds her hand aside to Eldred and to herself.]
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] nods at Alwir's words, approvingly
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] That you must help all who are hurt, no matter who they are..
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] [She then directs her hands to Elrilia and Donnel.]
    [Toro] Eldred AllGood: [Talk] smiles proudly
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] That you must deliver vengenace to the guilty for those who cannot do it for themselves.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] [She nods to Marissa, and then raises her hands high in the sky.]
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] Rejoice! Hail to the Fallen Knights, for theirs is the hall of their fathers.
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] [Her hands fall to her sides, and she raises her head, not opening her eyes.]
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] And let us say, Amen.
    [Gruffman11] Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: [Talk] Amen
    [Ruza] Jenner Fenwick: [Talk] Amen
    [Goblin Chieftain] Rodon Rogermane: [Whisper] Amen
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] Amen
    [Toro] Eldred AllGood: [Talk] Amen !
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Amen
    [Liruna] Eleanor Hawklin: [Talk] Quietly looks down Amen.
    [Lyarie] Ferra Ninnar: [Talk] murmurs Amen
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] Amen.
    [The Peeper] Keyana Morrison: [Talk] Ame.
    [CoA_Elsbeth] Isabella Sennett: [Talk] quietly Amen
    [Broken_Gunblade] Canderous Mordan: [Talk] Amen.
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] [murmurs] Amen
    [CoA_Shade] Jack Miller: [Talk] Amen..
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] Thank you.
    [ArchAngel_G] Alora Freeman: [Talk] Amen
    [ace.m.mori] Enlo Arna: [Talk] Inclines his head, clenching a silver coin in his black glove
    [Senseitravis] Danu: [Talk] Amen! nods once
    [sakusdakus] Tomian: [Talk] Amen
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] I now hand the floor to Mando Odgers.
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] remains quiet and still
    [Goblin Chieftain] Rodon Rogermane: [Talk] clears his throat
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] [takes a big breath]
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] He stands before us for the Vigiliant One.
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] glances at Alwir
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] [She clasps Marissa's hand quietly.]
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] [takes place where Alwir was and places the sheep properly as he can read and look at the crowld]
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] Watcher Wendon was unable to attend. He has, however, prepared a speech which Mando will be reciting.
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] Brothers and Sisters in arms, nobility of Arabel. Lords and Ladies, good poeple and cormyrians - Its indeed a sad day in which we moun the passing of the many brave Knights of the merciful sword.
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] *mourn
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] Their deeds are plentiful,their honor, their compassion, their righteous outshines anything else that has ever been accomplished for they stood true to their cause.
    [The Peeper] Keyana Morrison: [Talk] Twists a pink gemed ring on her finger, looking to it with a muffled sigh
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] Senior Watcher Wenden is not only talking about the Helmitesof the Knigth, they were only part of a greater good that ventured forth to strike fear into the dark hearts that stood against the poeple we havesworn to protect.
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] glances briefly at Keyanna then back to the front
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] glances around, whispering to Rodon
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] As Senior Watcher Wenden, current head of the Helmite Brotherhood of Arabel, he would like to speak that brief prayer.
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] Unfortunately, he couldnt come on that sad day. So therefore, I will like to do the lecture of the prayer. [clean his throat]
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] Helm, almighty and ever vigilant Watcher, Guardian and Protector ovar all- today we stand before you to mourn the passing of teh Knights of the merciful sword.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] [bows her head]
    [ArchAngel_G] Alora Freeman: [Talk] lifts head slightly
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] Helm, protect all the Knights of the Merciful wrod who passed on the serve their gods.
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] Hold thy hand over them for they served their gods true to the heart.
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] Their faith never wavered, their dedication was never questioned, their righteousness was a beacon of hope and trust for the poeple.
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] Helm, protect them and see to them for they earned eternal sanctuary for their deeds. [pauses] May Helm Watch and protect you all.
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] [bows head and comes back to where he was standing previously]
    [Toro] Eldred AllGood: [Talk] nods solemnly at mando's words
    [Goblin Chieftain] Rodon Rogermane: [Talk] clears his throat Um, much of what I wanted to say has been said already, so I will keep this bried.
    [Goblin Chieftain] Rodon Rogermane: [Talk] *brief
    [Goblin Chieftain] Rodon Rogermane: [Talk] I merely ask that you consider the end of the Knights a new beginning.
    [Goblin Chieftain] Rodon Rogermane: [Talk] Use their sacrifice as an inspiration for your own heroic deeds.
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] holds up a sheathed longsword, looking it over briefly
    [Goblin Chieftain] Rodon Rogermane: [Talk] Look at their order and emulate it in your own groups.
    [Goblin Chieftain] Rodon Rogermane: [Talk] Let them serve as role models for you to strive for.

    Missing text courtesy of talitha_kumi


    [Goblin Chieftain] Rodon Rogermane: [Talk] Their deaths can serve not only the noble purpose of destroying a demon, but also one of inspiring everyone else to new and better things.
    [Goblin Chieftain] Rodon Rogermane: [Talk] That way, their legacy will never die. Thank you.
    [Goblin Chieftain] Rodon Rogermane: [Talk] Er, wait just a moment for Justicar Thorne.
    [Sieger von Schwannberg] Giovanni Vianati: [Talk] shakes his leg out.
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] Before Marissa speaks for the Tyrran Knights, let us bow our heads in prayer, remembering and honouring the Knights who sacrificed so much for us

    [Sieger von Schwannberg] Giovanni Vianati: [Talk] coughs
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] clears her throat
    [CoA_Shade] Jack Miller: [Talk] ..slides his hood over his face, murmering
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] I'll be brief, much like the Dawnbringer, most of my words've already been said.
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] Firstly, I thank you all for attending, as the Knights will be surely missed in Arabel, but never forgotten.
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] holds up the same longsword from before, pulling it out from its sheath, it appears to be well-craft
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] holds the blade up in front of her face, twisted so the flat is facing her This is the blade I named Brotherhood, given to me by Knight Adept Theodoric Edom.
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] I call it such, as it was given from the Knights unto me, and in their memory, it will be given to one who'll uphold their ideals. This blade brought down the criminal Sarog, who later was executed for hir scrimes.
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] Until then, this blade will be a memory of the Knights, and their sacrifice.
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] grabs the sheath, placing the sword back inside The Knights sacrificied themselves so that we all could live. Never have so many owed so much, to so few.
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] I want you all to remember that, every day. That if it wasn't for the Merciful Sword, we all would either be dead, or slaves of demonic entities. Neither end being favorable.
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] Thank you all for coming. Jasper Hawklin, a former Initiate, has something to say before we end the ceremony.
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] As such, the floor's now open to him.
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he removes his helmet and stares at it for a few moments before looking up and nodding to the knights in the back]
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] There is… little that can be said.
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] slightest of nods
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he smiles briefly, but the smile fades]
    [geek4life72] Arvan Denethial: [Talk] slowly nods
    [Liruna] Eleanor Hawklin: [Talk] Leans slightly to the left to get a better view
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] The knights each discharged their service well and honorably, and their passing has left a gap in this city that is not easily filled. They will be sorely missed.
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [looking up at the ceiling, he holds up a hand, as if to call the crowd to silence]
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] looks down, sadness in her eyes
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] …This building is so quiet, now.
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [looking down again] When word was received that the knights had passed, a guard detail was assigned to this compound in order to keep the vigil until this service could be held.
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] I had the privilage and the honor of serving in this detail and it has given me time to reflect.
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] sighs again, whispering to Alwir
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he starts off slowly] What you take from this service is entirely up to you, in the end.
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] But I must ask that when you leave, you allow your grief to remain behind.
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] When you leave this building, take only their memory with you. Do not allow their sacrifices to be forgotten - the world outside of these doors has need of heroes of their caliber, and although we may not be prepared, their responsibiliy is now ours to bear.
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] When you leave today, commit yourselves to honoring their service with service. Do all in your power to ensure that the Arabel they died for, for which they strove so valiantly, is not lost from view.
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he takes the sword from his shoulder and places it point-down on the flagstones in front of him]
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Before this service ends, I wish to hear these halls ring, again.
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he raises his voice and calls at the top of it] GODS BLESS THE KNIGHTS! SIR SANE AND THE KNIGHTS, FOREVER!!!
    [Gruffman11] Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: [Talk] stands and claps
    [ArchAngel_G] Alora Freeman: [Talk] stands and claps
    [Gruffman11] Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: [Talk] still claping
    [drubes14] Alwir Mellarck: [Talk] Hear hear! May they be blessed!
    [Toro] Eldred AllGood: [Talk] stands Hail to our brothers!!
    [Lyarie] Ferra Ninnar: [Talk] For the Knights stands and raise her axe
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] leans down, whispering quickly to Isabella
    [CoA_Shade] Jack Miller: [Talk] nods idly, applauding
    [sakusdakus] Tomian: [Talk] claps
    [Senseitravis] Danu: [Talk] rises to her feet, clapping
    [Kitten Heels] Callanthra Fourleaf: [Talk] Slides off of the bench and applauds
    [The Peeper] Keyana Morrison: [Talk] Claps sogtly
    [Liruna] Eleanor Hawklin: [Talk] Smiles very faintly, still watching Jasper
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he looks back down, inclining his head to Stallner]
    [Tainted Rose] Mando Ogders: [Talk] [remains in silent]
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] Again, thank you all for coming.
    [Gruffman11] Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: [Talk] three cheers fer tha knights of tha merciful swor't!
    [Loonayaa] Alexania Daxton: [Talk] takes an involuntary step back at the outbusts
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] walks quietly to the center of the room head down a few moments waiting for the crowd to settle
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] [smiles slightly as he looks over the group, but remains silent]
    [Senseitravis] Danu: [Talk] her face is sad as she looks the crowd over
    [Can't sleep, clowns will eat me] Dante Alvarna: [Talk] Turns his attention to Stallner, tilting his head to the right as he watches, still silent.
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] Only six knights of this Order remain when dozens once served Arabel.
    [Liruna] Eleanor Hawklin: [Talk] Her faint smile fades abruptly at that, and she bites her lip
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] With so few, we are no longer able to uphold our oaths of service, as an Order, to this fine City.
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] Many died in defense against the orcs when the City was taken, giving their lives to buy time for the escape of others through the portal.
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] More died in defense against the Zhentari.
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] others have paid the ultimate price along the way, and unfortunately, Knigths are not easily or quickly replaced.
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] Most recently, we lost a quarter of our numbers defeating the Fiendfire orcs and their threat to the City and Kingdom.
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] Today, only a handful have avoided such fate as death.
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] Many of those are too injured to fight any longer and wil leave to recover their wounds.
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] Some will stay here, in Arabel, according to their calling and oaths to do what they can to help, but the days of the Knights of the Merciful Sword, for now, are past.
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] Tyr's work is not done, however.
    [Senseitravis] Danu: [Talk] Aww bugger…
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] This temple will remain in Tyr's service with the Merciful Shield faithfully doing their duties.
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] This fortress has been given to the City, our final sacrifice for Arabel.
    [Loonayaa] Alexania Daxton: [Talk] looks shaply behind her at rav then relaxes slightly, still appearing nervous
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] glances at Danu
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] our home for these years will become a courthouse and house of law again.
    [Senseitravis] Danu: [Talk] face troubled
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] The Knights are no more, but Tyr's work will remain done in these hallowed halls.
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] I thank you all for your honor to these fallen men and their memory.
    [Loonayaa] Alexania Daxton: [Talk] sharply
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] I challenge all of you to not let their sacrifice be in vain.
    [Gruffman11] Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: [Talk] nods
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] The Knights can no longer face such threats as plague our city and so this torch is passed to others.
    [sakusdakus] Tomian: [Talk] takes a deep breath
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] Go forth for Cormyr, go forth for Arabel. go forth for the good of all men.
    [lucky99] Sir Richard Stallner: [Talk] Tyr's Justice walk in your path.
    [CoA_Shade] Jack Miller: [Talk] nods solemnly, clapping in a slow and melancholy manner
    [Corpse Famine the Oozing] Aklar Khondar: [Talk] Watches him leave..
    [talitha_kumi] Elrilia Le'tendel: [Talk] [smiles, bowing her head]
    [Gruffman11] Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: [Talk] also claps abit
    [Senseitravis] Danu: [Talk] claps absently, clearly troubled by the last bit
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] The ceremony's over. bows her head I thank you all, once again, for coming.
    [Loonayaa] Alexania Daxton: [Talk] turns a moment and watches Stallner leave
    [Sieger von Schwannberg] Giovanni Vianati: [Talk] nods to Keyanna, who is naked
    [geek4life72] Arvan Denethial: [Talk] calmly looks around to each and nods slighly to those he knows
    [Moonpike] Carse Farrien: [Talk] single nod of the helm
    [ace.m.mori] Enlo Arna: [Talk] Pulls his tattered cloak closer
    [Gruffman11] Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: [Talk] a good service, allo' ye
    [Corpse Famine the Oozing] Aklar Khondar: [Talk] Seargent.
    [Senseitravis] Danu: [Talk] We need them knights…
    [Gruffman11] Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: [Talk] bows head for a moment
    [Senseitravis] Danu: [Talk] Jack? What'll we do now?
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he sheaths the greatsword]
    [Sieger von Schwannberg] Giovanni Vianati: [Talk] Yes?
    [Ruza] Jenner Fenwick: [Talk] sighs sadly
    [Toro] Eldred AllGood: [Talk] well said priestess
    [Corpse Famine the Oozing] Aklar Khondar: [Talk] I had seen your notices.
    [Submerged Memory] Marissa Thorne: [Talk] Thanks, Isabella.
    [CoA_Shade] Jack Miller: [Talk] shrugs
    [Gruffman11] Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: [Talk] i thank you on behalf o' tha city..
    [CoA_Shade] Jack Miller: [Talk] I've no idea honestly Danu
    [CoA_Elsbeth] Isabella Sennett: [Talk] nods
    [Loonayaa] Alexania Daxton: [Talk] 8scrambles off rapidly as the crowd seems to come this way

    [ArchAngel_G] Alora Freeman: [Talk] looks about the crowd, then nods
    [Corpse Famine the Oozing] Aklar Khondar: [Talk] It is quite fine.
    [Gruffman11] Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: [Talk] les git.. let them have their moments.
    [Sieger von Schwannberg] Giovanni Vianati: [Talk] nods Pay is pay.
    [Corpse Famine the Oozing] Aklar Khondar: [Talk] hm.. very well
    [Sieger von Schwannberg] Giovanni Vianati: [Talk] Take it while you can.
    [Loonayaa] Alexania Daxton: [Talk] ajusts her cloak a moment
    [Terringale] Alyisse Terringale: [Talk] Oh, I didn't know about much concerning it.

  • THIS is the reason I enjoy being a paladin:

    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] SO WHAT ARE YOU SUPOSED TO BE? A KNIGHT?
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he cleans one ear out]
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Not quite so loud.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] knocks on his armor well listen here bud
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] No, I am afraid I am not a Knight at this point in time. How may I help you, however?
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [blinks]
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] be a knight and help a fellow citezen out
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Well of course, what do you need?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] i need coins and by the dozen
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] only this (nocks on his own leather armor* isn't the same as that nocks on yours
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] so i figured
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] i could use the knight and together we make lyons by the dozen yes?
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] I suppose there is time now that services have finished.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] eh you service people….anways I'm thomas and your knight, greatings over
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Jasper, actually, Thomas.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] now even thoe this city is crumbling under its own poorness, theres still job around to get hold off
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] your a knight, for example the Tymorian shrine needs help of adventurers
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] how about eh? youyr own little crusade?
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] If the shrine is in trouble, that would probably be worth seeing to.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] hugh looks behind him
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Hnm?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] nonesense those Tymoruians are full of themselves anyways
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] you-me-crusade-NOW
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he blinks somewhat owlishly at Thomas. It's fairly clear Jasper's just woken up]
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] follow me Knight
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] is this one "trainted" as i see you people call them?
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] ..Err, no. This is Kesterby. He sells sausages.
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] The only taint he's capable of producing would be gastric in nature.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] are you going to fail your patron now?
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] I'm sorry?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] we have bigger plans, we must rid this city of its filth!
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Which filth, precisely?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] you kinow….
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] bad guys and stuff
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] listen
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] You mean, filth in general as in tanar'ii and ilithiads and drow and all manner of foul beasties and cyricists?
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Or perhaps that naked man behind you.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] end your blondie pretty boy paladine act and grow some big ones, your patron has sent you on a mission!
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] will you fail him?
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he rubs his cheek] I'm thinking that since we have a large problem - vis a vis, the city being full of filth - it would be productive to identify the filth more clearly in order to properly clense the filth.
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Now what I ask of you, goodman Thomas, is an indication of the direction we should take, 'yea verily', in order to find and expunge this vile so on and so forth.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] so then crusade up there butts and clean it from the inside out! yeah!
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Whose butts are we crusading up? Kesterby's? Sure, his sausages are questionable, but. . .
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [nods slightly to Kesterby] No offense.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] sighs okay first we take baby steps
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] I'm with you so far.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] how can anyone take you serioously?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] you look like you've come out of the paladine shop
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] where they make paladines!
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] you need to be more sinister
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] So you figure I should go pick myself up some black leather armor and a pot helmet?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] grab the drow, strangle it and use his skin as yours makes a choking motion with his hands
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] but not literaly!
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [mimics momentarily, though somewhat without conviction]
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] …Oh, right. Not literally.
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] I hear drow armor dissintigrates when sunlight hits it anyway.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] pushes him insult me
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he. . . doesn't move] What for?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] come on hit me with your best insult
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] you need to insult the filth when you see them knight
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he seems to consider this]
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] or else they won't take you seriously
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] come on you must have heard one in your knight school or something
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] I had always thought that using a very large weapon to bring holy justice down around their ears would have impressed them, but I suppose if a minor and spurious insult could do the job of a greatsword, it might be worth looking into and I will most certainly broach the
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] subject with the Militia, next time I see some of them.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] come on you sissy boy bane worshiper! insult me!
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [smiles helpfully]
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] sighs this is going no where
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] You're such an agreeable person, it would be impolite.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] okay then scratches head
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] what to do what to do
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [clasps his arms behind his back, watching the poor madman pace]
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] i can't crusade with a women!
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] alright lets do a play just you and me
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Actually, I have 'crusaded' with many fine swordswom–- A game?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] your an orc, you grunt, get mad, rape and eat raw meat
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] i'm a paldine! i slay orcs and insult them at the same time
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Without even smoking and salting it. [a grave expression] I must be quite the heathen.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] oi! snot nose melting skin looking like crap under my boots!
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] go on pushes him forward
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he sort of. . . wobbles very slightly]
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] i will slay you with my big stick like i slayed your mother with my big stick!
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] uuuh say orc power and stuff
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he scratches his cheek] Yarrr?
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Buggrit? Millineum hand and shrimp?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] you have officially failed in being a knight
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] I! am a better knight than you and thats patheitc
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Oh. [brightens] Well, the next time that the city is invaided, we'll call you up first and you can stand with us on the front lines.
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [claps him on the shoulder] I'm sure you'll make a fine defender of the city.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] woe woe woe
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] chuckles thats just not goign tro work out bud
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [beaming broadly] Why, when we venture down beneath the sewers to do battle with the evil mindfla– It's not?
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he frowns] I thought you were a better knight than that, Sir Thomas!
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] look it just doesn't work out that way
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [claps him on the shoulder again] This just won't do, this talk of woah-woahing. The city needs defenders, and you've proven yourself quite capable of stepping up to plate.
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Need some grit in your bones, isn't that what you were saying? Bit of a solid and aggresive front?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] look umm i don't know where you're getting out knight…chuckles uuuh
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Oh, it's rather simple.
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [patiently] The Knights of the Order spent most of their time here seeking out and slaying foul beasties that men like you and I could never have imagined existing, just so they wouldn't come up to the surface or down from the mountains and slay us all before
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] the Shadovar could get to us, and we'll certainly need linemen should they choose to venture from Flynn.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] well good for the knights makeing my life better!
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] but fist pumping and insulting is as far as it goes…
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] So we do need men with real tenacity and an unwavering faith in the Triad. And you, sir, being the obviously strong and noble knight that you are, have a duty not only to the city, but also to yourself…
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] what!?
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he blinks] I'm sorry? But you are clearly a very strong person, and it is the duty of every knight to protct those weaker than himself.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] rubs his head what did i get myself into?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] umm see you see this won't work
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] looks like i'm tied up with another patron
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] so uuh
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] you know how it is
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Oh? You have obligations elsewhere?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] nods
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] but your not getting the point, theres more to a knight than slaying
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Well, that is certainly a shame. Should you ever find yourself wishing to use your considerable skill and expertise in the service of good, you just seek me out. Oh?
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [brightens a little bit more] Well that's very true, you're a pearl for recognizing it. A knight must also administer justice, provide spiritual counseling, and do combat with the city's darker elements.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] okay and that…
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] In a city like Arabel, you can't just go around slaying people, no - you must strike at the rot in the heart of mortals, and that requires more precision than a sword can give.
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he holds Thomas by the shoulder, seeming to think for a moment]
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Ah, I have it, I think.
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Have you ever thought about going into law, Thomas? I hear the guards do marvelous work, twisting their brains around the mechniations of nefarious criminals.
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Of course, they also place themselves in danger quite a lot too, so that may not be for you, I think.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] no law no no! law isn't my cup of tea
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he pats the shoulder] Of course, there's very rarely any path that a champion of the gods could take that isn't dangerous. . .
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he seems to consider once again]
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] now don't get me wrong i could act the part
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] So you would prefer counseling others?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] you know that i can do

    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Well, good! Have you ever considered service to Ilmater?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] healing beggers? chuckles no
    [Liruna] Eleanor Hawklin: [Talk] Nods politely
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] no offense
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] if your…
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Alleviating the suffering of others, Thomas. "Heal all who hurt, no matter who they are"?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] oh i see
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] It is noble work and worthier than slinging insults or shaking fists, wouldn't you say?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] more noble than shakeing your fist?
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he shakes his fist, demonstratively]
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] You see, this is an angry action, and a paladin must be composed at all times. Who would look up to them, if they weren't?
    [Liruna] Eleanor Hawklin: [Talk] Faint smile Who's your friend, Jas?
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] You should replace it. . . [he opens his fist, turning palm up] Into an open palm. A palm of-
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] listen bud LLmatar has never glimpsed at me i'm a nobady to him. besides i don't even live in the city. but i can teach your priest how to grow some manliness
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he smiles to Eleanor and turns Thomas slightly by the shoulder] Ah, this is Thomas, he's learning to be a champion of righteousness.
    [Liruna] Eleanor Hawklin: [Talk] I see.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] no offense but your church the rug matt of this city
    [Liruna] Eleanor Hawklin: [Talk] I'm Eleanor, Jasper's sister. Well met.
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] And he has such /excellent/ ideas about how we should go about expunging the evil locked within the bowels of the city.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] hail nods
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] i'm really not want to be a paladine. i'll probably be kicked out the first day chuckles
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] but i can help you
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Well, what for?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] enforce your fist of glory!
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] You only insult those truely deserving of insult, don't you?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] shakes his fist
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] yeah those who insult me
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] I mean, you must make them aware of the darkness in their hearts which they could, potentially, release upon your righteous fist of glory at any time?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] yeah i guess so
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Have you ever seen a fallen planetar, Thomas?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] nope
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] what are you one? laughs
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Well, they are deceptively beautiful creatures. When Elrilia, Knight Edom and I ventured into the pocket plane the cyricists near the King's Forest had created in order to corrupt an artifact of Tyr's following, we were forced to face
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] a fallen planetar. She spoke very kindly at first, and it was hard to tell that anything was wrong…
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] huh
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he looms forward slightly] But as she kept talking, she got more desperate, more pleading, looking for a way out of the pocket plane…
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] …and finally she began to scream and rage at us. It would shake the hearts of weaker men, Thomas, but it would /not shake you/!
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he uses the hand on Thomas's shoulder to turn him slightly as he beckons out across the square dramatically]
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Why, you would simply spit in her face, no? A bold act of defiance in the face of evil, correct?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] huh
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] yeah! thats the way to do it
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] step on them before they step on you
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he claps the man on the shoulder a couple of times] So it's agreed! You would be perfectly suited to the rigors of the life of a paladin. Self discipline is, to you, second nature - you have a heart and a will of steel, sir Thomas, and I would not see the city deprived of such an adroit defender.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] well then…
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [he is grinning]
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] i'm speachless..me? a knight?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] well i guess if you say so…
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] rubs his head
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] It is not so difficult! Any good citizen can stand and protect the weak and defenseless. And you would of course obviously make a splendid protector, being so skilful yourself.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] nods* yeah! yeah thats right
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] But the real trick to being a paladin is that you have to be /called/ to it. You must believe in your patron so strongly that you pledge him - or her, in the case of the Red Knight - your continued service for the rest of your life. But that is only your duty as a strong man, is it not,
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Thomas? The world /needs/ men like you.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] the rest of my life?!
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] I have a man you should speak to. He's an excellent Ilmaterian, a wonderful example by which to gage the humble stations of men such as ourselves.
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] [propels Thomas along with a firm grip on his shoulder]
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] i'm going to be a pet for the rest of my life?! look friend you've got the wrong person
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] this is really not looking good
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] [sighs]
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Donnel! I want you to meet Thomas, he's interested in becomming a defender of the realms and all of Faerun.
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Do you have any advice for this worthy applicant?
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] [turns to Thomas] A pleasure to meet you Thomas.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] howdy
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] i think theres been a misunderstanding..
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] [smiles slightly] A misundertanding?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] this is really not my thing…
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Thomas, this is Donnel Bowdyn, he is very closely involved with the Triad, and he will set you – ah? But you seemed so ardent only a few moments ago, Tom - can I call you Tom?
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] no
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] This talk of triad…paladines..
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Thomas, then. Pardon the familiarity.
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] [watches the two men with a slight smile]
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] danmit knight i'm just a simple man!
    [Sir FancyPants] Donnel Bowdyn: [Talk] It sometimes takes time to recognise your calling.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] i'll leave all these holiness stuff to the more equipped people
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Well of course. Should you change your mind and wish to join us, we are always here, defending the citizenry.
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] yeah…i'll dop that
    [You're_Fired2] Thomas: [Talk] i'm getting out of here! runs away
    [The_Gallant] Jasper Hawklin: [Talk] Torm keep you, Thomas!

  • I'm sure you've seen some movies where there's a recurring comic-relief character that pops up over and over again with the same joke. Well I experienced one unexpectedly here on Arabel. Beware the Apple Man.

    First appearance, East Arabel Market.

    Juliah Cynn: [Talk] chuckles
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] apples are 3 lions eggs 5 lions and fish 2 lions
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Apples? Eggs?
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Hmmm.
    Myra Nefzen: [Talk] Yeesh.. so pricey for the simple bits in life these days..
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] im selling food you now
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] Do you sell flowers?
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] nope
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] Can you start selling them?
    Juliah Cynn: [Talk] smirks looking to azzan
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] sorry
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] maybe
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] a goblin ear falls out of his pack
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] Can you start selling them now?
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] where i can get them
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] hopeful grin
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] Uh..
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] and i have copper necklace 10 lions

    lots of cross chatter

    Willy Flomen: [Talk] come on buy something
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] Show me your wares.
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] How much for them apples?
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] 3
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] bless you
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] And you!

    Later on, Maya and Tomanii decide to take a walk to Flynn. On the way, they run into Macus and Duggar.

    Duggar: [Talk] Yer? Yer study whackin sticks?
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] nods
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] apples apples does enyone wants apples
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Try and hit me.
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] only 3 lions
    Duggar: [Talk] Wert?
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] Oh hey it's the appleman.
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] best of willy flowmen
    Duggar: [Talk] Bullshirt

    Willy runs off since no one was interested. Maya and Tomanii continue their trek into the woods, by this time, night has fallen.

    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Hmmm.
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] I don't remember it being this dark though.
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Scared of the dark?
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] No..
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Good.
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Cause I am.
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] slips off her ring
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Eep!
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] looks around
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] prods him
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Ahh!

    someone bumps into them on a narrow bridge in the pitch black dark in the middle of nowhere

    Maya Contralto: [Talk] What?
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] WHAAA~!!~
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Holy hells!
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Who's there!?
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] Freaks out herself
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] squints
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] do you want apples
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] …
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Apple guy!?
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Is that you?
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] y
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] What're you doing out here?!
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] selling apples
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Uhhhh.
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] In the dark?
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] do you want apples or not
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Sure!
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] how many
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Wait….
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] How do I know it's you?
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] And this isn't a poisoned apple!?
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] no
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] the best of willy
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Eh….
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Kay.
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] so do you want
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Sure.
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] how many
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Three.
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] 9
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Nine? I asked for three.
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] 7?
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] lions
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Lions!?
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] WHERE?
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] For apples!?
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] y
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Damn it!
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] nine gold
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] Wait i think he wants gold
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Oh!
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Gold!
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] and do you want some
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] Me?
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] y
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] you
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] No I'm good.
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] I already have the one's I bought earlier.
    Willy Flomen: [Talk] ok
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Bye!
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] Bye Willy Appleman
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] Was that real?
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] squints
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] Rather bizzare.
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Was what real?
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] The appleman
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] We run into him a lot.
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] He's everywhere!
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] immitates ghost OoOooh.~
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] The transparent apple salesmen!
    Tomanii Amraphel: [Talk] Stop it!

    Thus the tale of two bards and the Apple Man.

  • Choas! I love it ^^ great rp! you guys must have been laughing pretty hard! 😎

  • I cant give the whole converstaion without spoilers but suffice it to say Bella was upset and asked for some special consideration from the EO regarding a certain matter.

    Bella makes a request
    Matthew Nolet: [Talk] No.
    Isabella Sennett: [Talk] bottom lip quivers a bit Ohh..
    Matthew Nolet: [Talk] [flees before she starts crying again]

    Thanks, MasterAvenger 🙂 Cant wait to see how this works out.

  • One has to love sun elves. This character is so well played.

    edit by Snowy: Yes we love Sun Elves, but no need to post it thrice!
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  • Thanks Hedrack, I have to tell you that I really enjoyed the meeting we've had. All of you seem so on par with how Elves should be. I'm looking forward to many more interactions.

  • Tomanii Amraphel: Jenner!
    Enlo Arna: Leans back, kicking his legs up on to the table, and crossing them
    Tomanii Amraphel: Come here, beautiful!
    Jenner Fenwick: oh, hi
    Duggar: Sexy orcer!
    Duggar: Kimmmer!
    Tomanii Amraphel: Sexer indeerd!
    Jenner Fenwick: you been drinking again huh?
    Azzan Khal: looks up and smiles at Jenner Huh. You get this a lot?
    Duggar: Savin Flynn!
    Tomanii Amraphel: Wisdom Check, Roll: 11 Modifier: -1 = 10
    Jenner Fenwick: just when they drink
    Tomanii Amraphel: Errrr.
    Duggar: Ergain!
    Tomanii Amraphel: Yer get er, Dugger.
    Jenner Fenwick: grins
    Duggar: yer lerkin good der der
    Duggar: burps
    Jenner Fenwick: thanks
    Tomanii Amraphel: stumbles
    Liandrii Amraphel: you seem to rather enjoy them being drunk off their rockers, miss jenner.
    Duggar: Yer wanner git inn onner roomer?
    Liandrii Amraphel: chuckles
    Enlo Arna: Glances at Milly
    Tomanii Amraphel: holding onto the Podium
    Jenner Fenwick: …did you just ask what I think you ask?
    Tomanii Amraphel: Uhhhg!
    Duggar: Persuade Check, Roll: 20 Modifier: 5 = 25
    Enlo Arna: Shrugs lightly
    Tomanii Amraphel: Yer got er, Dugger!
    Tomanii Amraphel: Good lucker!
    Jenner Fenwick: firstly, ever wake up with a hangover and a really ugly woman in bed with you? Cause that's what would happen.
    Duggar: Kim on orcer babier burps
    Jenner Fenwick: And second, I'm married.
    Myra Nefzen: Oh gods...
    Tomanii Amraphel: Har!
    Tomanii Amraphel: Yer can get er! Er believer in yer!
    Rell: sighs
    Duggar: Er yer? burps weres yer manner?
    Liandrii Amraphel: what is it, love?
    Jenner Fenwick: maybe you two should just get a room together smirks
    Liandrii Amraphel: drinks
    Myra Nefzen: shakes her head and motions to the three
    Tomanii Amraphel: Wert?
    Jenner Fenwick: grins
    Tomanii Amraphel: We sleep in the same room anywer.
    Liandrii Amraphel: oh... yeah
    Liandrii Amraphel: at least he isnt in the market.
    Duggar: burps yerp
    Tomanii Amraphel: Nothing differnt.
    Jenner Fenwick: go lay down before you fall over ok smiles
    Enlo Arna: Flicks the top off of the bottle with a swift turn of a dagger, then tilts his head back to drink
    Liandrii Amraphel: last time he did this he embarrassed me half to death.
    Duggar: yer sure?
    Jenner Fenwick: I'm sure.
    Duggar: Er could use yer fer ternight
    Tomanii Amraphel: Ahhh hells.
    Jenner Fenwick: Fen would kick your ass anyway
    Tomanii Amraphel: Good cuddlerlng
    Duggar: burps
    Jenner Fenwick: blushes
    Duggar: Cudderlin!
    Duggar: hi fiver!

  • Mr Martino & Samar Come Out Of The Closet.

    Keyana and Martino are haggling over prices of potions. Keyana then offers an odd proposition…

    Keyana Morrison: [Talk] Malerie will kiss you if you give me the potions at my price..
    Malerie Dy'ness: [Talk] Hunh?
    Keyana Morrison: [Talk] Nods
    Keyana Morrison: [Talk] She told me.
    Malerie Dy'ness: [Talk] Hey!
    Elmer Martino: [Talk] Pfft. Ladies don't attract me!
    Samar Al'Khazid: [Talk] chuckles that's cheap..
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] ….
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] SLAPS FOREHEAD
    Keyana Morrison: [Talk] Moves to cover Maleries mouth
    Elmer Martino: [Talk] Ah!
    Malerie Dy'ness: [Talk] Says something muffled
    Elmer Martino: [Talk] Leans back
    Elmer Martino: [Talk] I'm married!
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] O-kay Mr Martino.
    Samar Al'Khazid: [Talk] by the gods..
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] Everyone has their fancy.
    Keyana Morrison: [Talk] Uh..Well-
    Keyana Morrison: [Talk] Then..
    Keyana Morrison: [Talk] That man will kiss you.
    Keyana Morrison: [Talk] Points to Samar
    Elmer Martino: [Talk] What!
    Samar Al'Khazid: [Talk] mm? looks behind and around himme?
    Elmer Martino: [Talk] Now this has turned into a joke for sure!
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] snickers uncontrollably
    Samar Al'Khazid: [Talk] ferk no..
    Samar Al'Khazid: [Talk] well maybe fer 20 lyons..scratches head and chuckles
    Keyana Morrison: [Talk] Anyway- anythin-
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] …
    Keyana Morrison: [Talk] Eeew.
    Maya Contralto: [Talk] I love this city.

  • Keyana's a robot.

    Maya Contralto: [Talk] holds out an obsidian
    Keyana Morrison: [Talk] That works.
    Keyana Morrison: [Whisper] go get one
    Malerie Dy'ness: [Talk] Back in two ticks.
    Keyana Morrison: [Whisper] I suggest onyx
    Maya Contralto: [Whisper] Um.. do I need to get an onyx?
    Keyana Morrison: [Talk] >aoy iay.w af.Z

  • Men of War & Honour

    After a solid ten minutes of pure brawling and beating each other to a pulp, a bunch of lads in the DeSchurr Estate start talking over different things. Shocking revelations soon follow!
    Dante Alvarna: Meets Canderous' gaze Hm?
    Canderous Mordan: What the hell yer wearin'?
    Tomanii Amraphel: That'd be a vest, mate.
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: tom
    Dante Alvarna: Blinks and looks down Greaves, briches a vest and leather gauntlets.
    Canderous Mordan: Lookin' abit small.
    Canderous Mordan: I mean…
    Tomanii Amraphel: smirks
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: Show canderous what ye represent lord deschurr in, wile in tha market.
    Canderous Mordan: Is that the point?
    Tomanii Amraphel: Eh?
    Justan Arnimen ruffles Dante's hair
    Duggar: Extra medium.
    Tomanii Amraphel: Oh!
    Canderous Mordan:…..
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: ye g'strang
    Tomanii Amraphel: You mean this? shows him his man thong
    Canderous Mordan: [shifts uncomfortably]
    Dante Alvarna: Well, I don't want my best clothes gett- pauses, glancing to justan sideways looking bemused.
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: put et on for em
    Tomanii Amraphel: Nah


    Tomanii Amraphel: I figure that'd get my ass kicked.
    **Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen:**Well hey, et works in tha market
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: Is et green yet?
    **Tomanii Amraphel:**Canderous don like dancin', so i'm putting two and two together.
    **Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen:**ye should dye et…
    **Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen:**Dancin'..
    Canderous Mordan:[Looks to Dante & Justans total gayness, then at Tomanii's g-string as he shows him and facepalms]
    Canderous Mordan: By Torm..
    Dante Alvarna: snickers quietly
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: slindes up to duggar
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: stands him up
    Tomanii Amraphel: Remember, Canderous
    Tomanii Amraphel: It was to impress my woman.
    Tomanii Amraphel: Them…
    Tomanii Amraphel: Well.
    **Tomanii Amraphel:**shrugs
    Canderous Mordan: Yer seriously can't walk around in that.
    **Canderous Mordan:**Maybe if yer woman likes it…
    Tomanii Amraphel: Which she does!
    Dante Alvarna: He really does…shaking his head
    Justan Arnimen hu?
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: grabs duggar for a spin
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: spins
    Duggar: Feck when yer gonna show danu?
    Justan Arnimen looks down at his armour trying to figure out what the others mean.
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: dips
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: drops
    Tomanii Amraphel: Hey Look Canderous!
    Tomanii Amraphel: They're trying to dance!
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: erm
    Duggar: Feck micker!
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: when ah wont screw up
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: umm scared duggar..
    Duggar: Yer feckin awful, yer can git a werman like dat.

    As the two dance and fail epically, Canderous speaks out.

    **Canderous Mordan:This city has changed.
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: shes erm, our comman'er
    Dante Alvarna: grins at justan
    Canderous Mordan:[shakes head]
    Tomanii Amraphel: Honestly, I arrived two months ago.
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: Them tew be woopsys?
    Justan Arnimen
    shrugs seeming a bit lost by the conversation.

    Tomanii Amraphel: So i'm not sure what the city was like before then.
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: they don got them in thunderholme..
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: so how da ye… boys..em..
    Dante Alvarna: huh? That was… Call's term.
    **Canderous Mordan:**Not that theres anythin' wrong with it.. jus..
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: ye know..
    **Canderous Mordan:**In my day…
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: erm… my day too.
    Tomanii Amraphel: I had my thoughts when I was young, I mean well, Kai…I mean! NO! NOO!
    **Canderous Mordan:**Aye.
    Dante Alvarna: slaps his palm to his forehead.
    Duggar: Wert!?!
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: git
    Tomanii Amraphel: Never you mind
    Tomanii Amraphel: I'm straight now!


    **Canderous Mordan:**What?
    Duggar: Wert!?
    Tomanii Amraphel: Nothing! Nothing!
    Dante Alvarna: blinks at tom, staring flatly.
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: ….um.
    Dante Alvarna: …Now?
    Canderous Mordan: Yer straight?
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: kinna..
    Canderous Mordan: What the hells does that mean?
    Tomanii Amraphel: Just forgot I said anything, Retainer!
    Duggar: Wert?!
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: duggar, yer his brother… (Backs away)
    **Canderous Mordan:**What does it mean?!?
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: eh
    Tomanii Amraphel: Well.
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: kin ah quit tha blades now?
    Tomanii Amraphel: Means I like women
    has a look of complete confusion across his face as if everyone is talking in elven.
    Canderous Mordan: Like a line?
    Tomanii Amraphel: Yeah!
    Tomanii Amraphel: My line isn't crooked. Like them.
    Tomanii Amraphel: points to the two (Dante & Justan)

    Canderous and Micky soon back away from the group.

    Dante Alvarna: Glances to Justan and offers a grin. Nopt sure i understand half of it either.
    Dante Alvarna: huh?
    Justan Arnimen hu?
    Canderous Mordan: Yer a woopsy! (To Tom)
    Dante Alvarna: turns back to Tom giving him a total look of confusion, as well as bemusement
    Tomanii Amraphel: Huh?
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: gnomish ahm never tellin uncle Dorf wot lon'legs really be loike…
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: tom
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: ya like men
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: 'n so do duggar
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: n' so do them two
    Canderous Mordan: By Torm…
    Justan Arnimen hu?
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: canderous, ets not safe over thar!
    (Canderous hurrys over to Micky, asses to the wall.)
    Tomanii Amraphel: I'm getting married, Canderous! To a woman!
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: fer gods sakes! don' bend over!
    Tomanii Amraphel: A very hot woman!
    Dante Alvarna: Justan's mostly into his 'wenches' actually. shrugs slightly
    Duggar: Wert?
    Justan Arnimen tavern wenches?


    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: akward momen'
    Canderous Mordan: We jus' wrestled with woopsys… (to Micky)
    Dante Alvarna: nods a little
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: feck..

  • People sure like quoting Tom. He's fun to play 😃

  • A normal pat-down search takes an unexpected turn..

    Asuran Du'eir: ah, I had expected your presence.
    Kieron Hardcastle: wags finger
    Kieron Hardcastle: Over here.
    Asuran Du'eir: in a moment.
    Kieron Hardcastle: Don't make me do this in the cells, I've better things to be doing.
    Asuran Du'eir: the cells, on what grounds would you arrest me?
    Kieron Hardcastle: Obstructing Investigations.
    Kieron Hardcastle: Right, hands up. Index search.
    Asuran Du'eir: and what am I obstructing?
    Kieron Hardcastle: Hands…up
    Rav: [Whisper] who is the man making the search
    Brent Bereman: J-just d-d-do ir mr A-asuran!
    Kieron Hardcastle: Questions later.
    Brent Bereman: D-do it!
    Asuran Du'eir: lifts his arms up to be searched seeming used to the procedure
    Brent Bereman: looks a bit relieved
    Kieron Hardcastle: riffiles through his belongings
    Kieron Hardcastle: Do you ever clean in here?
    Kieron Hardcastle: paws through the belongings, examining some and sniffing them, appalled look on his face
    Asuran Du'eir: I'm a busy man, and dust help books earn a more… dignified scent
    Kieron Hardcastle: By the gods...
    Brent Bereman: glances to Shanie and nods
    Brent Bereman: Eugh, is t-that his u-underware?
    Kieron Hardcastle: Whats this? *points to a

    ! *
    Brent Bereman: It's a-all… s-stiff...
    Brent Bereman: shudders
    Shanie Fryar: [Whisper] Brent, please, avert your eyes
    Brent Bereman: Oh er… r-right
    Kieron Hardcastle: Wolfy...looks like werecreature perhaps?
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [smiles faintly] Unless he's been using his underwear as a bookmark, I think it's probably a book
    Asuran Du'eir: something I am carrying for Scout winters, and something that is out of your jurisdiction.
    Kieron Hardcastle: Tuts.
    Shanie Fryar: Wait, that IS his underwear!
    Kieron Hardcastle: His underwear..snorts
    Brent Bereman: D-don't l-look S-s-shanie!
    Kieron Hardcastle: Been cleaning your underwear recently, sir?
    Shanie Fryar: [laughs] I am a female
    Kieron Hardcastle: No, don't answer that.
    Shanie Fryar: I am legally allowed to look at males underwear
    Brent Bereman: T-t-that makes it w-worse!
    Shanie Fryar: [giggles]
    Brent Bereman: No y-your not! You'll g-g-g-get impure ideas!
    Brent Bereman: You c-can't g-g-get impure i-ideas!
    Brent Bereman: E-especially a-a-about mr A-asuran!
    Brent Bereman: That's j-just wrong
    Shanie Fryar: [laughs]
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [nods] Doesn't bear thinking about
    Shanie Fryar: Mr Asuran isn't my type of man
    Shanie Fryar: No offence
    Brent Bereman: Uh huh. You n-never know hw-w-where his u-underare's b-b-been.
    Kieron Hardcastle: Its cleared. do it now.
    Kieron Hardcastle: Or I'll do it in the cells, your choice.
    Kieron Hardcastle: Maybe want to take your underwear away from these people, hmm?
    Brent Bereman: [Whisper] I b-bet he g-g-got the u-underware f-f-form a c-corpse
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: erm
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: wots underwear?
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [wrinkles her nose] Eew
    Brent Bereman: grins
    Shanie Fryar: [Whisper] Brent, the underwears too good for a corpse
    Brent Bereman: T-t-true…
    Junai Keldrin: Undergarments to hold your naughty bits in place and protect them from chafing, Mick
    Kieron Hardcastle: Now, be off with you. Stay out of trouble ruffles Asurans hair
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: careful it may be demonic joking tone
    Asuran Du'eir: scowls faintly and pulls his head back as his hair is ruffled ironically making him look like a child
    Mickanderous Dandyluckonsen: feck..
    Brent Bereman: [Whisper] S-s-stay inconspicuous.
    Kieron Hardcastle: Fare well.
    Shanie Fryar: [laughs] It seems one of the required fields the Golden Lions search for is knowledge of underwear
    Asuran Du'eir: smirks
    ! And just as order and decency were restored….
    ! Tomanii Amraphel: Hello!
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [Whisper] Speaking of underwear….
    Kieron Hardcastle: Help you sir?
    Asuran Du'eir: nods
    Brent Bereman: [Whisper] …
    Junai Keldrin: Hey Sugar Plum to Tom
    Temblo Carmas: Potentially
    Tomanii Amraphel: smiles
    Kieron Hardcastle: smiles and claps hands together
    Asuran Du'eir: good day tom, your looking perticulary unclothed today
    Kieron Hardcastle: Always good to hear of potential.
    Brent Bereman: [Whisper] I'm s-scared a-about w-w-where t-this will l-lead a-a-already m-mis E-e-e-elrilia.
    Shanie Fryar: [wolf whisltes] Seems Tom has a lover
    Tomanii Amraphel: That I am, Asuran.
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [nods]
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [Whisper] I know.
    Tomanii Amraphel: And proud of it.
    Temblo Carmas: Perhaps we should go have a seat somewhere.
    Temblo Carmas: The Pride?
    Brent Bereman: GAH!
    Shanie Fryar: [Whisper] IOf he is scared, I am terrified
    Kieron Hardcastle: Yes, out of this stench.
    Brent Bereman: covers his eyes GAHHH
    Kieron Hardcastle: holds nose
    Tomanii Amraphel: looks to Brent
    Tomanii Amraphel: Eh
    Brent Bereman: N-not in f-front of ladies!
    Kieron Hardcastle: Luckily, I have a cold
    Brent Bereman: GAH!"
    Tomanii Amraphel: Huh?
    Brent Bereman: blushes a viberant red
    Shanie Fryar: Ahhh…oh, thats pretty good
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [smiles, blushing]
    Brent Bereman: Oh g-g-gods!
    Elrilia Le'tendel: What would Eveline think?
    Tomanii Amraphel: She loves it!
    Shanie Fryar: Brent, I am trying to crush the impure voice
    Junai Keldrin: Thank you Assuran
    Brent Bereman: W-what w-w-would you t-think? You're g-g-getting m-married!
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [nods] Very true. But not to him
    Asuran Du'eir: um… are you not a bit cold tom?
    Brent Bereman: Mr t-tom get d-d-dressed!
    Tomanii Amraphel: Okay!
    Tomanii Amraphel: takes off the rest of his clothes and puts on his regular ones
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [sighs faintly] I've not seen Rift in several months
    Junai Keldrin: I admire you smiles to Asuran
    Brent Bereman: …
    Shanie Fryar: Tom, you might have more muscle than the Lord of the Waterdeep, but please, its distracting
    Tomanii Amraphel: Better?
    Asuran Du'eir: blinks a bit and stares seeming taken back
    Brent Bereman: You d-didn't really have t-t-to s-stip nude b=-before doing t-that d-d-did you? I m-mean... really?!
    Brent Bereman: looks mildly traumatised
    Tomanii Amraphel: Well, yeah.
    Tomanii Amraphel: Wrong boots.
    Brent Bereman: whimper
    Brent Bereman: Oh g-gods...
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [puts a hand on Brent's shoulder] It's all right. Just think of Tawnie instead
    Brent Bereman: Ugh w-what if she'd s-seen him n-naked?
    Shanie Fryar: Mr Brent, perhaps looking upon the beautiful Elrilia will return you to your normal state?
    Brent Bereman: s-s-she might have… h-have... compared!(
    Elrilia Le'tendel: She'd probably laugh?
    Asuran Du'eir: right, I'll go see scout winters now, if your going to wander around almost naked in the snow tom... come find me before you do and I'll keep you warm.
    Tomanii Amraphel: Compared?
    Asuran Du'eir: um...
    Tomanii Amraphel: What huh?
    Asuran Du'eir: litterally keep you warm..
    Brent Bereman: looks at Elrila Uh...
    Asuran Du'eir: with spells...
    Tomanii Amraphel: Well thanks for the offer I guess.
    Elrilia Le'tendel: [rolls her eyes] Shanie, Brent's married.
    Junai Keldrin: Grins Spells, yes, of course
    Tomanii Amraphel: seems oblivious to the gay comment
    Asuran Du'eir: slaps his own forehead at the wordng of his offer
    Brent Bereman: You k-know….. c-c-compared.
    Shanie Fryar: [slaps herself] Damn it, I forgot
    Tomanii Amraphel: I'm a tribesmen.
    Brent Bereman: M… muscles and... a-and s-s-stuff. looks at his own weak arms
    Shanie Fryar: No offence intended
    Tomanii Amraphel: Kind of used to the cold.
    Asuran Du'eir: still...
    Elrilia Le'tendel: You think Tawnie married you for your muscles?
    Shanie Fryar: [compasres arms to Brents] By the gods… I have more muscle
    Asuran Du'eir: just ask and I'll place an enchantment on you first to be sure
    Brent Bereman: H-hells no. B-but s-s-still...
    Tomanii Amraphel: Though. Things to shrink in the cold.
    Brent Bereman: R-right!
    Tomanii Amraphel: And that's not good.
    Brent Bereman: You're b-big and s-s-strong m-miss S-s-shanie
    Asuran Du'eir: right, now to find the scut and teach that arrogant bastard of an arcolyte a lesson
    Shanie Fryar: [Laughs] Weak in mind
    Tomanii Amraphel: Oh okay!
    Brent Bereman: T-t-t-that makes t-two of us. grin
    Brent Bereman: I g-guess I s-should g-g-go do s-s-something now…
    Shanie Fryar: Waiting for a kiss....waiting for a kiss [murmered]