Shaping dreams

  • [Ythiel enters the library and wonders amongst the shelves reading a few pages of several books of quite different topics. The she finally asks the librarian if they have any books on dreams, in particular shaping one's own dreams or that of others', being particularly interested in the later option. She also inquires the librarian what schools of magic might these topics fall under, having a wide range of guesses from illusion through enchantment to necromancy.]

  • Admin [DM]

    The librarian gaze at Ythiel with a puzzled look, directing her to books of divination and anything within that school. He explains considering the mind importance and various spells linking to the mind. However, he does point out that as far as he knows elves do not experience the same dreams as other creatures do, and such things has not been written much of in the past. The library would pay handsomely for such a book.

  • //wow-wow! someone's pretty fast here! it bugs me how the god I follow can be called the lady of dreams when elves don't dream.

    She politely tells the librarian that the differences in how human body handles sleeping is exactly why she is interested in the topic, as she is in the city to learn more about humanity. She inquires if there were documented occasions when one has magically altered others' dreams, delivered messages, exposed the victim to nightmares and so on?

  • The librarian is also handed a copy of the lonely poster and asked to display it in the library if he can, and direct anyone with either possible interest or notable knowledge on the subject to Ythiel discretely.


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