Announcements from the City

  • Crown Forces extend their thanks to those who fought against the lizardfolk lairing in the swamplands, lead by Bjorn Ulrikson. And to Penal Legionnaire Icharyd Hareishan, who in his death regained his honour in service to the Crown, battling the enemies of the King.

    • Bjorn Ulrikson
    • Icharyd Hareishan (deceased)
    • Herald Ophirae Miavyre
    • Asheera
    • Apprentice Victoria Coltsbury
    • Royal Scout Calder Daxx
    • Blade Lucas Crowlin
    • Anton
    • Mary
    • Penal Legionnaire Loic


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  • "In defense of the City, In service to the People"


    The city needs YOU!!

    The Militia of Arabel is recruiting for all departments

    The Arcane Division is tasked with Magical Investigation, Enforcement, and Protection.

    The Special Investigations Division is tasked with Criminal Investigation such as Gangs, Smuggling, Law Enforcement, and Protection of the City

    It is your responsibility to ensure that your families are safe. Your loved ones are depending on you. There is only one way...


    No matter your size, no matter your skill - Join us today. We will shape you into the person you need to be to make sure that the citizens of Arabel remain safe in their homes._


    Do you respect the Weave and it's benefits?
    Do you care about fame and glory?
    Do you care about coin and riches?
    Do you care about faith and tradition?
    Do you want battle and glory?

    These things and more can be found if you Join the City Militia TODAY!

    Protect and bolster Arabel against Magical threats and dangers.
    Save YOUR city. WE need you.
    Become the glorious Militiamen - Stop murdering, thieving bandits.
    Save YOUR city. WE need you.
    Lead honorable men and women to dispatch lairs of Arabel's enemies.
    Save YOUR city. WE need you.
    Honor your faith, and your God. Follow your code while enforcing the laws.
    Save YOUR city. WE need you.
    Find your fight, win your fight, bring battle to the enemy and glory to yourself and the militia.
    Save YOUR city. WE need you.

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