Planting seeds and growing things

  • I was trying to plant seeds in game and getting frustrated constantly with errors 'there is already a plant here', you're not in a growing space, etc.

    It was hard to tell if these were the real reasons, or if it was buggy because of other things I was doing, like quickslotting seed planting etc.

    How does planting and growing work?
    I'm open to learning how to do this IG to some extent, but if there are bugs that are wasting my time I will not keep doing this indefinitely, and this kind of growng and harvesting is kind of essential to the character that I'm playing (and maybe it will be really fun if I can get past the annoying dumb stuff part to knowing what I'm doing.)

    Thx in advance for any help.


  • From what I see, you get the "there is already a plant here" message based on the location you click, but the out of the zone ones based on your character's location.

  • Maybe the planting zone is very, very small? I too had the issue where I was able to plant one Occasio in a planting zone and not one more. Was out Eastern Wilderness.

  • Aye, that may be why i have only seen one or two tree's per fertile area. USE YOUR WOOD WISELY.

  • If I do cartography and make maps, will that keep areas mapped for me? I explored all of arabel east gate, and now i forget everything just outside the gates there mostly…
    in particular I would like to remember where fertile areas are, and as more and more characters are higher level, or are harvesting near the city, it makes being able to harvest (and plant) in potentially more dangerous areas further from the city more important... and as a ranger it kind of suits my portfolio to be one of the ones going out there and doing this stuff.

    (ps does anyone know if the Red Glade still exists? I don't even remember where it was 7 years ago when I was last going there or whatever...)

  • Red Glade had been burned to ashes. Sorry, life's cruel.
    Better what the dwarves planned anyway.

  • There is actually a remnant of that glade in the module, though.

    Also, I suppose I can change the distance between plants a little, I made it a larger distance between plants because about fifty were being planted in one spot.

    This is how the planting zones work:

    A point is chosen by a DM to be a planting zone.
    The DM also chooses how far out from that point in a circle you can plant.
    Once a plant is placed, there is a circle around it that can't be planted in.

    So, when you get 'Too close to another plant' It's because, there is a plant too close.
    When you get 'Too far from a planting zone' You are, too far from a planting zone.

    It's not a bug, it just might need a tweak to either the amount of/size of planting zones, or the distance between plants that's allowed.

  • i would suggest that the size of the zone be tweaked rather than the distance between plants.

    to avoid an inpenetrable mass of foliage!

  • I would agree cadiz, because thats what I was trying to avoid.

  • As it is right now there are only 3 planting zones in the hullack, one had the only oaks I'd ever seen after exploring -so I didn't touch em- the others had like, 2 occasio tree's and you couldn't plant anything else anywhere without it saying "there is already a seed there" Cutting the tree didn't make it stop saying that either.

  • hmm ok. it would be neat if there was a way to figure out where the center of a planting zone was (as it would allow one to plant around the periphery to maximize plants, rather than planting one in the middle taking it all up, etc).

    sort of like a tree of life diagram… how did the ancient know we would need this info for coa? mighty nice of them 😉

    i is scared to go in the hullack. maybe in a few more levels.

    i will try to find the remnants of the red glade... and monoliths... and stuff... i may just have to find some gullible... i mean brave adventurers to come with me...

  • or i guess i can power quest again once i die XD !

    I still have to find out how that cartography stuff works… I've used it like once...

  • The planting zone centers are where the map pin is, because the map pin is created by the waypoint which IS the planting zone center.

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