*library research on removing demon's and fey'ri*

    • a half elf, clearly of the silver sails, enters the library and searchs for the librarian*

    "hey! i'm looking for information of how to remove demon's from hosts, or, if possible, how to remove the demon or protect the original host against the demon in the case of becoming a fey'ri. "

    • in the case of the librarian answering with "i don't know" or something like that, she goes and searches herself*

  • The librarian is surprised by the question, but holds no answers, neither do the books in the library. Though you find various tomes about spells which protect or strip magics, such as protection from evil, and dispel magic.

    //You can run a search to see if you find anything yourself too//

  • muttering about needing to find someone named Briee, she says this to the librarian.
    " my thanks for helping my, ill try to record my findings and give a copy to the library for later use. "
    she then walks out

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