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  • Thought I start a thread for general rp tips when playing different cultures and races, a extension of the info here basically: viewforum.php?f=536

    Anyway I thought I drop some pointers for half elfs since the background on them is mostly rather specifically about Aglarond on the site. viewtopic.php?t=152018

    First things first, what is the bloodline and background? A half elf whose human half is Sembian likely spent much of his life being hated by his human kin, and his elven relatives are likely deeply distrusting too. But a half elf who was born in Waterdeep to a human and moon elf parent is likely a rather well adjusted and normal member of society.

    By and large, its most likely to be half moon elf, since they enjoy mixing with humans, and fairly unlikely to be sun elf, since there rather stand offish. Make sure you check the elven subrace up before play. Same with the human half. Similarly check up race relations in the land they come from originally, if there parents were doing a Romeo and Juliet, its going to effect there character.

    Also which half is human and which is elven and what kind of relationship did they have? If daddy was Tormite paladin and mummy was a bard with a thing for human knights and they stayed together, then your little half elf guy was likely sung elven lullaby's, but taught a Traid ethic systems as he became more and more a man. In contrast if your half elf was the result of some elven adventure having fun and then running off, he might be hateful of his elven kin.

    Also keep in mind basic biology. Half elfs age and mature slower than human and insanely quick to elfs. If he was the only half elf in his age bracket and surrounded by human children, he likely was considered immature and childish, as well as being smaller than weaker than people his same age, course if he was brought up in Silverymoon, he likely hung about other half elfs and matured at the same rate. Also note half and halflings age at a similar rate, so there likely plenty of half elfs out there who childhood friends were halflings.

    Anyone want to add anything? :mrgreen:

  • I find bad common helps alot

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