Hey guys! need some advice

  • while trying to solve a non-appearing portraits issue i found out that i actually have TWO nwn folders, one simply containing the following folders " Hak, Override, Portraits, dialog.tlk, Nvn_artworks/avatars/kingmakerSetup/manuals/maps/soundtrack/wallpapers and Setup_nwn_diamond_"
    and the other containing alot more…

    "Ambient, Data, Database, dmvault, docs, ereg, hak, localvault, logs, miles, modules, movies, music, NWM, override, patch premium, saves, sciptemplates, servervault, source, tempclient, texturepacks, utils, 2dasource, binkw32.dll, chitin.key, dialog.tlk, eula, gameuxinstallhelp.dll, gfw_high, gog, goggame.dll, hotUreadme, Launch ( for nwn diamond ), mss32.dll, nwconfig , nwnloader, nwmain,nwn, nwn, NWN_onlineManual, NWN_sou_onlineManual, nwncdkey, NWN_hordes_manual,nwnpatch,nwnplayer, NWNv169, Nwserver, nwtoolset,nwtoolset,nwupdate,patchw32.dll,readme,safe2dalines,soUreamde, support, unins000.dat unins000, unins000, unins000.msg, xp1.key, xp2.key, xp2patch.key and xp3.key"

    those are all the folders, personally i think i should keep the seconed one, but i'm not sure. also, the COA launcher is set to go to the first one... thats as much information as i CAN provide.. help?!
    and for simplicty's sake, here is the actual question: "which should i keep and which should i get rid of, it may be causing problems with my computer trying to run nwn."

    oh and p.s. please no "The Sinfar folder!" i know sinfar is a server and i have no such folder

  • You should keep the baby.

  • It looks like a Gog NWN save location for the 1st one, which you have also installed a bunch of stuff into. The "real" nwn folder is the second one. I suggest just transferring everything from the 1st folder to the second folder.

  • thanks, cleared up the portraits problem as well as a few problems finding things 😣

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