The Gameathoners charity group.

  • Hello guys, I'm part of a group called TheGameathoners. We are a group that will be running 24 hour livestreams on twitch to get donations to charity's.

    Our first livestream will be Saturday-Sunday the 4th-5th of January (this weekend) from 4 pm EST Saturday evening to 5pm EST Sunday evening.

    We are gaming for Child's Play in order to raise money for the "Sick Kids" hospital in Toronto. We will be doing at least 2 more events after this one in the near future (with Childs Play, one for a US hospital and another for a EU hospital).

    Here are the links to everything relevant to the game-a-thoners:
    And our youtube channel:

    Here're are the games we are sure to be playing!


    -Chivalry (the original)

    -Payday 2

    -Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2


    And The players:




    -Gunnedown (Fab)

    Official group members:
    Official game-a-thoners members roster:


    -Gunnedown (Fab)







    If you have any questions you can pm me here or ask on twitter/fb etc.

    Please come and support us! It's not going to be our first and we are already getting in contact with youtubers such as Angry Joe, Totalbiscuit etc.

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