Death after 5

  • Does anyone remember when we couldn't respawn after level 5?

    What time period was that? The discussion recently came up in chat. I remember not being able to respawn but that was a long, long time ago, and so many people disagree with my assertion that this ever happened. I know I came to Arabel before '08 by several years and I've been off-and-on playing ever since.

    Had I been doing something wrong back then, or was it always possible to respawn and I was given to the wrong impression/I hit some wrong buttons?

    I wouldn't normally continue this discussion - hardcore mode or whatever it was is a long time ago - but I want to check my sanity.

  • As said in IRC, I'm fairly certain you could always respawn at any level throughout the history of CoA.

  • unless you selected hardcore mode, but that was a selection at character creation (not that it ever worked when I got here, the conversation was just left in…. lol)

  • it never worked and ive been here since 03

  • 2007 for me - I've never heard of this.

    I think the only character that I ever had that died more than five times was Wilhelm the gnomish wizard with Alzheimer's disease… He never had any trouble respawning.

  • I stand corrected!

    I guess I'm remembering turning Hardcore mode on or something.

  • I remember it being a switch you could flip on your character through the craft menu, though I've long forgotten the specifics. . . >_>

  • IIRC Hardcore mode gave you a flat % increase gain to all incoming XP in return for removing the respawn option.. it didn't run long.

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