Crafting, game mechanics, apprenticing to learn things

  • I would like to learn how to craft and some other things like this… the basic mechanics of some things... i think writing books and letters is another one, cartography, alchemy, growing things, etc.

    I'm also interested in the idea of doing historical/lore research in the game, designing spaces in game, and maybe ooc getting involved in helping to design some mods, maybe some ones that will teach some things (maybe include a bit of faerun/ coa history /lore in it as well?)

    I could see myself putting 1-5 hours towards coa stuff a week... including in game and out of game stuff. I'm also interested in figuring out when events are happening, or there are good times to come on and play for certain plots/ people etc. some of this can be worked out with players, but it might be nice to work things with gm's sometimes, too.

  • For start, what's your timezone?

  • I think we've already met in-game, but if you find Apple, she can teach you IG about a lot of that stuff. I can explain most of those systems to you OOCly as well.

  • -5gmt eastern standard time, same as new york and montreal

    apple helped isanu with a few things.

    a guy with a tiger picture helped kaiohwa learn about planting, cutting wood, and crafting a few things. it was pretty cool.
    i would kind of like to continue the characters i was playing, who were pretty new, and learn more of that stuff…

    I will find out if there is a thread for discussing new character ideas, tho, so I can think about what I want to do with the v5 characters
    i like the idea of having a few characters to be able to help with different faction stuff ig or like show crafting or other stuff... even if i mostly have one character i'm playing most of the time...

  • You can join the IRC channel of Coa on

    There is also a channel for concepting.

    #coa and #coacharacters, I think.

  • @AronFF:

    You can join the IRC channel of Coa on

    There is also a channel for concepting.

    #coa and #coacharacters, I think.

    You are correct, and you can allways find all COA IRC information including links HERE, and for some history you can ask around in game or check THIS THREAD. Most crafting can be learned IG, and writing books or notes or letters IG is as simple as finding the merchant who sells the supplies. The "quill" you use has all the directions you need to be proficient in writing all you need.

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