Recruitment of new players

  • The dm recruitment thread, and the lack of players in my time one has inspired me to start this thread. What kind of ideas do you guys have to promote the server to new players? Is there a way to entice old players to return? I would dearly like to see some more warm bodies on the server to interact with.

  • Send another mass email inviting old players back

  • Another? I don't think I ever got the last one. Wait… You mean... I wasn't invited...

  • I find that if you talk to the nerdy neckbeards who you play D&D with, a few of them are interested in good RP.

    A few more are really interested in Faerun.

    And there you've got them.

    I know I saw a CoA recruitment poster somewhere. It's only a little tiny act of word-spreading, but CoA's possibly the best of the best when it comes to an online representation of Faerun that rewards good roleplay. Most peeps, if you talk to them, appreciate that.

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