Recruitment of more DMs?

  • I am just throwing it out there, not in ANY way as a jab at our current team, but -because- i'd wish to avoid seeing more DM burnout because 1-3 DMs handle everything. Has the team thought about recruiting more DMs onto the team to help with the pressure that is on the current DM team?

    Just asking out of curiosity because it really feels there's a -load- of pressure on our current team and i personally really do not want to see them get burned out because of it.

  • I have to Echo this question as well. I think the server could blossom greatly with a few more able hands to assist the current stressed dm team.

  • Just to calrify, i do not seek the position myself. I know less than nothing about coding and shit and would go all GoT on the CoA npcs 😛

    I just want to relieve some pressure on our current team so they'll be around even longer 😉

  • Admin [DM]

    We are looking into this, it is just a behind the scenes business 😉

  • Can players offer DMs bribe in the form of Kanelbulle to be part of the none-disclosed list?

  • Please please please someone on the US East Coast! I will do anything.

  • We do share your concerns about DM burnout, and other ailments from too much DMing.

    I personally have recently been thinking about the meaning of the life of pixels and what they might think about when I create a new function that moves their brother far far away to the other end of the system, and kills their mother, I'm starting to get concerned about them. Bill is my favourite I think, he has some really cool stories, dude has had one epic life, seriously.

  • @Knightmare:

    Please please please someone on the US East Coast! I will do anything.

    Seconded. Matriarch needs a co-conspirator to feed on the tears of us 'Muricans.

  • Another statement of intent thing would be good

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