Sir James Raventree

  • The recent loot parade has reminded me I should show off teh lewts for the most cliched, cheezy knight of all time. Sir James Raventree. NOW WITH STATS

    War medals Raventree received (along with the other participants) after leading two offensives against the Legion

    The Raventree Amory. I had managed to acquire one weapon for each of the three main patrons of the order from various adventures. Then there were some extra swords.

    Misc. equipment

    Shield that was recovered from the enigma adventures

    That wicked sick black armor for a plot (that sadly I was unable to finish)

  • Sick.

  • statzzzzzzz.


    Identifies them as a member of the warden knights, tasked with…......

    Excellently done!!!!

  • There is Bane Train, and then there was Raventree Train. Back in the day, no one quested without Sir James at their side and you can see why (especially in them Flynn Crypts!)

  • Self buffing fighter.

  • I was afraid for a minute there that you were going to reveal TOO much. Well done Raventree.

  • Holy hell that disrupter mace is awesome.

    Gotta say the Queen's sword was a bit underwhelming.

  • Came across a dawnspeaker too a few months ago, was then told it is too powerful and it got nerfed to +1 and 1d4 vs undead … Still neat

  • That's depressing thorkm, bad policy imo

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