Inquiry on naming of Wyvernrest

  • La'aliam the fletcher enters the library seeking clues or any readings about the naming of wyvernstones in Hullack. Upon meeting a librarian he asks whether the naming was given literally to the place and if real wyverns had anything to do with the place.

  • Admin [DM]

    The librarian gaze at the elf in puzzlement before explaining that there was once an ancient druidic circle there, who the librarian believe named themselves the Wyvern Circle after the Wyvernstones. But, going further back the Wyvernstones were the creation of the elves once residential within the Hullack Forest a long long time ago, as a reminder of their great battle against the Wyverns of the Hullack which the elves wiped out from the forest. Since that day, many hundreds of years ago, no Wyvern has ever been sighted in the Hullack Forest.

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