Thank you and goodbye

  • Hi folks,

    I'd like to thank those of you with whom I spent a lot of hours playing online, trying to live in a fantastic world where to assist, day by day, to development of characters, ideas and new adventures.

    Thanks to the dms who spent their time supporting my ventures and in particular to the players who helped my concepts and ideas becoming alive.

    However time passes for everyone and I'm finding harder and harder to enjoy the time I spend on the server. I guess it's either because my playing style is not what the majority of players/dm enjoy or either I have not understood the server evolution (or simply because I can't spend more than 2-3 hours a night playing).

    I enjoyed these 8 years of online playing (and I'm not saying that I won't be back sooner or later) in particular I had fun with many different players. Of my puppets I remember fondly in particular three:

    Ash Finofhafhard (or whatever his surname was), a halfling rogue who had a pretty interesting life, become friend with gnome tribes, was confident of the war wizards and at the same time was spying on them. He's still alive, amazingly, was never executed nor caught red-handed.

    The second fun-run I had - despite its short life - was with one of the Forkbeard cousins. Golin was created as a stereotypical dwarf, a pure fighter (I, as am always reminded by more savvy players 😉 suck at building proper characters), and he was good at killing, in particular when he was disguised as a wizard (he put his cloak on). Ran caravan and funny jokes with his cousin before being captured by frost-giants. He died, with his cousin, punching the giants naked.
    Moradin gave the two cousin a place in his ever-lasting battlefield (he actually fought two dragons at the same time).

    The third character I particularly enjoyed to play was mr. Mathan Mirona a non-necromantic weird wizard (despite what it might been common knoweldge he never did any necromantic act). He was old, he was sneaky, he was servile. He abused of his power whenever he had some, he was humble and meek with those with more power than him. He became Judge (and was more than happy to sell sentences for money although no one actually bothered trying to corrupt him too much) he was fining people and taking those coins for himself, he became, at the same time, member of the Mage Guild and of the Custodian of Candelkeep (mainly due to a mistake), the only char I know of that was member of two organizations at the same time. He retired at the Poison Water Inn, waiting to die of old age, for what I saw last time he was pretty much alive and kicking.

    Well as said earlier I don't know if and when I will be back, I feel I need to have a look around, see if other servers could give me back some of the spirit I seem to have lost playing here. It has been a good run people, I went through marriage and fatherhood chatting with some of you guys, hacking and slashing through good and evil in a nice fantasy setting.

    Thanks and farewell!


  • Hope to see you again soon Almadyr. Always a pleasure!!!

  • @CitizenBane:

    Hope to see you again soon Almadyr. Always a pleasure!!!

    seconded, i enjoyed all our group concepts and like to think that they were enjoyable for others too.

  • Adios Almadyr, have some fond memories over the years, most notably with Mirona who was my kind of crook. Pop in from time to time!

  • As the others said, I hope we meet again.
    You are amongst those who provide high quality roleplay with the most simple characters, those people who make me return this imaginary city time to time!

  • Sorry to see you go…
    Due to timezones, etc, I don't think we actually spent any significant time in game interacting but I certainly heard of your doings-on

  • Never really interacted with you, but I'll be sad to see a member of the community leave all the same.

  • Hope to see you again Almadyr. Mirona was epic, was so much fun while I was playing Gamwell.

  • Had a lot of fun playing with Ash. Take care and hope you drop by once in a while.

  • Sorry to see you go, I was looking forward to your "training"
    as a deputy. And to the debates ovr whos blood was more or less tainted.

  • Mirona was pro, really enjoyed him.

    Godspeed, sir.

  • Fair winds and following seas.

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