Crests and Sigils ((DM Ponies))

  • _Dharasha enters to the library and begins to search for:

    • Any reference in the library pertaining a crest of Five Stars under a Crescent moon.

    • Any correlation between the lore found regarding such a crest to a copy of the runes she has copied from the ancient Moonblade.

    • Reference to the names Thaddius, Tadiel and other four names, which may accompany such._

  • The librarian informs you that unfortunately they do not have that kind of lore available in Arabel. She is encouraged to consider alternatives, such as the Library Fortress of Candlekeep, if he can locate a book of sufficient value to obtain entrance, and the matter is of sufficient importance and urgency to merit such expence.

    The librarian does mention however that a Cresent is often used to signify a phase of waning.

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