Idiotic Things I Did With My First Character

  • I was recently made to point and exclaim, "I did that!" to a certain post about metagaming NPC guards, and I thought it might be fun to journey back about 3 years to my very first character: Relch Vlamir. Don't get me wrong, I loved playing Relch, but he was guilty of some silly OOC behavior. Thankfully with the help of some newfound friends (Cocopuffs, Dark Ranger, and One Chord Wonder, if you still troll the forums this means you!) I was able to figure things out. Eventually.

    Relch ran. Everywhere. Why walk? Walking is for slow people who want to talk and interact with other PCs! That's crazy-talk! I'll never forget the first time I "did" Nada's, and bolted out the door. One Chord Wonder (playing a Bhallir retainer at the time) simply said IC, "What's all the rush for?" I got the hint after that. Felt a little silly too. Besides, Relch had old bones, not sure what he was in such a hurry for (more on that later).

    Relch whipped out his scythe in the Tired Traveller and pointed it at Oliver Baba. I could probably just describe this with a "wow" and that would cover it.

    This was before I knew that there were PC guards. Seriously, I had no idea. All I knew was that some punk (played by Baba) had marched into the TT with his sword drawn (which I learned was a no-no on the opening chessboard) and was interrogating a friend of mine. So after he refused to put away his sword, I whipped it out. Welcome to jail.

    Relch was a king. Clearly I had read no rules at this point. I made my character, and in the description I had something along the lines of "Relch is the King of the Northern Ridge." This of course leads me to…

    Relch had an insane background, especially for Arabel. For Relch's age, I put 5000, because that's how old I made him. The short version - Relch had already inhabited 3 bodies, fought toe-to-toe with Illmater (Relch lost), and travelled across a vortex that stripped him of all his worldly powers before arriving at Arabel. On a wagon.

    So, I'm wondering what sort of silly things you all did with your first characters. I look forward to the stories. Please do share!

  • I remember when I made the blood thieves, which was a cool name but we attacked chamberline Michaels at house Thond and all died fairly quickly, then returning for our stuff. Then I made a character who was a famous son of a Duke of somewhere (before I knew about 'applications'). Then came the Bad Badgers, which I think I think a few people right remember, even though all of us were huge newbs.

  • Frontlining Gilmor's in a tunic and no shield. (Hi Vimes!)

    Ran all over the place, sometimes with weapons out.

  • I really want to meet Relch

  • Sorry- just had to check in, although I've retired from CoA again (video card fixes are just not adequate so I'll have to stick to NWN2), and post one of those, "you think you did stupid stuff– back in my day we were idiots and ran all the way to Hullack in the snow, uphill both ways," posts.

    That being said, things have come a long way. I'm guessing I was part of the problem that caused a lot of scripting you take for granted to take place:

    Used the generate name button to give me a name. Just took the first thing that came out: First name Justin, last name Sane. (A lot of people "your name is Just Insane?")

    Accepted party invitations after a server reset so people could run and do Kathena's real quick before anyone else got their spot. (Before 24 hour limits were in place and you could do quests every server reset).

    Created new characters who went and picked up the equipment of characters of mine who had just died. (Before transferring equipment was logged).

    Went on XP runs with characters 8-15 levels higher than me to the north sewers and East Graveyard. Know how few Death Knights it takes to go from level 3 to 9? Not many. (Before level restrictions on parties were in place.)

    Sent tells to PC clerics from the fugue to see if they could stumble on my body to raise me. (Before diamonds were required and XP hits were that bad- and many clerics would give you the drive-by raise on their way to the Traveller.)

    Stood around and stupidly wondered why our mage kept losing connection and we had to keep re-adding them to the party every 10 minutes. (Back before you were stripped of spells on relogging and you got all your spells back when you logged in. Gave casters infinite spells on quests.)

    Stood on the cliff along east way and shot bears with a bow for hours who could never figure out how to use the ramp 8 feet away. (obvious AI exploit).

    Pretty much a long list of stuff that should have got me banned. So next time you wonder why there's some strange script that restricts something or makes your life difficult, remember it's because players are jerks-- especially old players 😉 At least I never duped equipment or used the get out of the fugue free bug.

    Playing on CoA is a learning experience, so remember the stupid stuff you did when you run into a new player that seems like more trouble than they're worth.

  • Created a strict Tymoran, and played him according to his code. Beshaba hates that. :lol:

    Well, coupla other things.

    Did most of the Meat Delivery quest with detect mode on.

    Yelled and screamed in Karin Gallin's face, before I knew DMs don't approve of creative interaction with NPCs when they're not there… ouch.

    Went back to get my stuff and quietly call her a necromancer after she Finger o' Deathed me. Yeah, I got my own Announcement out of that one.

    Made an anti-French comment. Got me banned from the forums for a month-and-a-half.

    Stole from Parner with a low-level rogue.

    Made a wizard. 'nough said. 😃

    Well, that's all the memories I can come up with for the moment. Be back later with more.


  • Since Nikko posted some of his, I suppose Ill post some of my… naughty deeds.

    Was caught on my fourth day making an item transfer from one character to another. (Thanks alot Nikko for forcing the dms to log such so they could catch me!)

    My first real character was so min/maxed rerolled, that He, a rogue, had higher hp than paladins of his level. Didnt learn of the expertise feat until level 9 with this character either...

    I beat up Raven outside the Three bars to save a necromantic gnome who would later join Prees gang and assist in killing me quite a few times because i thought she was a no body.

    I metagamed and used OOC behaviour that was so uncalled for that it nearly destroyed one of the greatest villians the server had in V3.

    But with that out of the way, I have dont some really really stupid things as well.

    Tried to steal a Balors underwear because i was dumb enough to play drunk.

    I made it from level 1 to level 9 within 7 days with a halfling cleric, which ended up with an extremely powerful cleric using nothing but a Kest halfplate and a normal short sword trying to survive Hullack.

    Played solo through one of the hardest high level quests on the server, because my three party members died in the first encounter and I wanted to test the limits of my character.

    Spend 18 hours as a statue in a cave in the wilderness because I had been so dumb to travel around alone.

  • My first few characters had a habbit of sitting around the market and waiting for someone to come offer a quest.

  • The same day i had sucessfully managed to powerlevel my first character to lvl 11, the banite fighter/rogue celebrated this by travelling to the Anauroch in his Banite Vestment.
    On his way he met 2 dire polar bears, "Fear no-one but bane!!", and he was back to lvl 10 again.

    Fighting in the market? Hey, that's the only place i went to when i wasn't questing.. There was a lot of fighting there.

  • Did an Orc Sewers run with my level 6 dwarven cleric, trying to frontline with a 50% venerabillity hammer against Black Ravens throwing fireballs.

    Then, after dying, running back to the sewers and going afk..then coming back to find myself in the Fugue once more having gotten killed by a Dire Spider.

    My first character was an Elven fighter named Amron Heth. I think he lasted about 5 minutes and probably ran around lots.

    Thumbs up

  • Ran into the old chuantean temple (up the big stairs) and called out for sanctuary just before the guard i'd been pissing off for the last half hour caught up, beat the crap out of me and stuck me in jail for serious.

    Got sacrificed to Shar in the market after I was pissed at normal-ressing from level 7.

    Made a half-crazed dwarf, was told to disarm by a guard when I was picking a fight in East Arabel. My opponent put down the longsword he had drawn out. I put down about a dozen weapons including flails, axes, warhammers, swords, throwing axes, daggers, skinning knives, and more. Never got enough money to buy a decent weapon again.

  • Was caught on my fourth day making an item transfer from one character to another. (Thanks alot Nikko for forcing the dms to log such so they could catch me!)

    Yep. And then I sent in e-mails wondering what the Hell happened to my characters in my vault. Never got an answer. So I read the forums after realising that the forums are just as important a part of the game as playing almost, and discovered to my horror that the whole -WEEK- I spent building my character to level 2 was wasted…Wahahahah....what a noobtard.


  • My first name of my char was "Destroyer", which i soon got a lecture from a dm.

    MY second attempt of a char (And my idea of roleplay), was to create multiple chars, that all had green skin and hoods, and attack people randomly everywhere. I also left notes around with these green people, saying that they will soon meet the "Master", which was a lv2 green man, 1 level higher than all the other green people!

    Cake then gave me yet another lecture XD

    And then came along Eliphas, which i now enjoy playing (And play properly…or so i think, to this day :D)

  • Eliphas, that is stinking funny. I want to try that now, seeing as Cake moved. I think. looks around warily Hmmmm.


  • I don't remember what I played before him. But my first character as a whole hits all the possible danger lights.

    I was a wild elven paladin of Helm called Dilen Be'dwetholin with negative charisma and maxed out strenght score. I would do quests, run around, do quests some more and ask people for money and loot. I think I was killed atleast once for picking up objects of my own from the ground… Yeah, nothing new.

  • As some people may know, i am not very creative when it comes to names. The name of my first character was: Elminister Blackcloak (combination of Elminister of Shadowdale and Halaster Blackcloak)… Gurb corrected me on that one.

    My second character was: Adelin the Chosen of Mystra... as a level one wizard, he was the single most powerful person in Arabel!! evil laughter :twisted: . Anyways, Gurb corrected me on that one too.

    My third character was: Rodrick, Saluriel's host. He claimed to be demonically posessed, without DM permission. He also went around the city offering people power if they would give their soul to a demon entraped in a coin that he had... first of all, this was not DM approved, secondly, I made the mistake of offering it to a member of the War Wizards... Rodrick was no more.

    My fourth character was: some dwarf (i dont remember the name). He went into the sewers and was mugged and killed. I said that the strain of him coming back to life drove him to madness, so he walked around in the sewers naked... when Gurb asked me what I was doing, i explained it to him. He manifested himself as a person named "Sewer Person" and told me to spread their name by going to the market and tainting it with their name... I ran around the market naked screaming "SEWER PEOPLE". I actually got a new mage to cast grease at me, because he was mad, and he was killed by angry guards for casting in the market. I was then arrested for being a public nuisence.

    I've probably done some other stupid stuff, but i dont remember it all. I'm sorry for my uber noobness when i started, and im sorry to that wizard who i got killed. Soooo sorry.

  • A long time ago, the first thing my character said upon logging into the server and finding another player was:

    Me: "Hey guys, have you seen the new Lord of the Rings movie?"
    Paladin: "What is this, 'Movie' that you speak of?"

    I believe I then went on to explain to him what a movie was, and finally he sent me a tell and got me up to date on what "RP" was.

    Edit –


    …I ran around the market naked screaming "SEWER PEOPLE"...

    I remember that, so there was a bit of story behind it, I just figured he was insane.

  • Hmm… let's see... setting traps in east Arabel... killing NPC beggars...

  • I had and still have a problem with letting characters go.

    Its not as severe now, but my first character Elektra Sandstrom (named after the tradjedy not the comic lady, whos movie was terrible) was sacrificed I thikn 3 times only to show up in the market saying "Oh your God didnt want me." Yeah I guess alot hasnt changed since then. Haha [looks about nervously]

  • My first character was a halforc barb who for some reason had to kill a
    couple beggers in the Slums… I then ran to Frins for some healing and
    was met by a dm, who didnt say anything... he just used a lancelord to
    kill me.

    Ahh good times 😛

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