General Apology for fading this summer

  • ((stupid work computer cut the net and I have to write this again… sigh))

    I thought I was going to be off for few weeks because of work. Then two of my close friends were diagnosed with cancer in matter of week or so , and my handicapped little brother was hospitalized because of pneumonia, which is more or less deadly to him because of his condition.

    I spent time working, and if I was not working, I was drinking with a friend who had been given between one and two months to live. We said our goodbyes and killed few braincells before the cancer. The other friend survived, but I did drive her to chemo few times and was there supporting him. Bro was 300km away , but I did visit him as well, when I had the chance. So I was not in the best place, mentally. And I just could not handle anything else.

    So I apologise for not keeping you guys informed and dropping Zarn officially. It was my intention, I just did not have the mental capacity to do so. I am planning a concept atm and I hope I can give back to server after failing to be responsible adult gamer.

    I hope I did not ruin much by disappearing.

    • Jupe

  • I guess there will be few who disagree when I say it isn't an issue.
    Stay strong! And condolences for your loss.
    What about your brother? How is he?

  • Brother made it, about 1 month in hospital. Longest time yet, this was third time in five years.

  • Black Clover Society

    Real life comes first. If anyone gives anyone grief over that, they're far too invested in the game. That said I'm looking forward to having you back ingame, when you're ready.

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