Does anyone have a record of…

  • …Puffy's bone/spirit cleansing event last night?

    I usually take screenshots of important conversations, but a lot of things were happening during it and doing so slipped my mind. I also stupidly logged out before grabbing the logs (I was in a hurry to get somewhere) so if anyone has a record of that conversation with the spirit, OOCly, I'd be much obliged for it.

    Thank you.

  • I made one screenshot, been busy with the ritual. I believe I got the details so Mather can elaborate with Jent in person next time we meet.

  • lost my logs grrr 😑

    if someone got the logs of it, could use a copy, thanks!

  • Oh, looky–-I have the logs, I think---wont be able to get them out to you all till tomorrow...
    spending the night with my wife who will be out of town all weekend.

    Sorry I had to bail last night without seeing it through--- my wife came home earlier than expected, and wanted some face time...


  • cool! thanks bro 🙂
    And face time with your lady is important.

  • It absolutely is:-)
    But I came back in with a new char and Im all
    WTH? I thought Id be able to just pick up and run with it, but geeze 🙂
    Im almost as Clueless as when i first started Harry ….

  • It's just a different mindset in my opinion.

    Part of why I like CoA is that every character's got a different vibe and a different challenge. =p

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