• Hey Guys,

    So me and a bunch of guys on the Teamspeak recently got Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition from the Humble Bundle for about a dollar (Which includes a bunch of other indie games), anyway, this particular game is a turn-based fantasy sports game based on the Warhammer universe. It is basically Rugby/NFL with Orcs, Humans, Goblins, Trolls, Elves etc. It's pretty hilarious and, although it might take new guys to the game a few matches to get used to the ruleset, it is not particularly complicated. Anyway, it allows for an online persistent League and we're looking to start a proper one up. The amount of players needs to be a nice, even number.. we're looking for around 6-8 teams competing. It's all for fun. - This is where you can pick up Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition and several other games for under a dollar.

    LRB 6 - This is the latest rulebook for the edition BB: LE runs on, it is helpful for new players to get a gist of the game although my best recommendation is to load it up and play some games and the tutorial. It isn't hard to pick up. - This is actually a site for a free to play broswer edition of the game, but it has several guides and helpful strategies for new players.

  • How long does a match take ? If we're talking 30-60min.. and individual matches to be setup like a tournament, with timing only needed to be setup by the 2 people… this could work reeaaally well, and I might be able to pull some former COAers (drubes, if any of you remember) and his PnP buddies into it.

  • Matches are generally 20-40 minutes, maybe less. Really depends on the amount of time you take on your turn (Limit of about 2-4 minutes, can be set by the League Commissioner). The beauty of this is, I could also make it an Open League and therefore we wouldn't have to wait for certain matches to be played in order to continue the tournament/championship and just play matches among eachother until a certain point in time and the season restarts with the appropriate prize money to the champion and runner up, hall of fame awards etc. It's all automatic too!

    The structure with which we go with is dependent on the amount of people we get, the more we get, the more an open league sounds enticing.. although a structured schedule can also work, particularly if we choose a certain day on the weekend or something.

  • Fun, good stuff, great for having a laugh.

  • Bought the pack. Haven't looked at it yet. Cheers for the heads up.

  • coool…!!! ty 🙂

  • Whee!

    I strongly (at least, from what I've heard from friends) recommend a structured league. You can set it up so that each weak, the pairs are decided, and then you just need to contact your opponent to set a time for the match.

    Then again, this probably works a lot better when everyone comes from roughly the same timezone…

  • Yeah we have people from pretty much all timezones involved.


  • Well, I'll maintain a list of people who are going to play and people who may potentially play and we'll work one out. So if you're interested or want to confirm that you'll be playing, just throw up a post here or contact me on teamspeak or PM or w/e. I would like to start it by next weekend, so far we have seven confirmed coaches.

  • Loved the bb game so ive bought the pack to take part in this, biggest problem now is what team to run

  • List updated.. we're on 9 atm for ARABOWL Season 1!

  • Both Amber and Misan want into it.

  • Brings us up to 11 coaches! We'd need 1 or 3 more and we'll be set with a nice even number. What I'd like to do is collect everyones relative timezones and work out the best way we can play our matches. One could divide the league into two similar timezones conferances with the winners or the top two face off in the play-offs or something.. or we could just have 12-14 team league with matches played once a week or so.

  • Literally the best game I've played that costed .20 cent.

    DnD and Football, where has this god been all my life.

  • Ok guys, after everyone play testing some races and getting a feel of the game I'm opening up the official League. Just create a multi-player account, create a team and type The Breakfastbowl in the League Finder. The password will be bbc. It will be approved by either myself or another Commissioner pretty soon afterwards. I will give people until the end of the week or so to decide if they want to participate, just remember this is planned to hopefully be an on-going thing and roll-over into progressively more seasons. It is highly recommended that you get familiar with Teamspeak, there's a large amount of CoA/Ex-CoA players who visit there often and its a great way to organised matches and generally adds some fun to the whole experience - PM me for the Teamspeak details.

  • Also to add a bit of competitive value to this. I'm donating a months worth of humble bundle games to the winner.

    And if I win, well guess I can buy a five dollar footlong.

  • Deadline for teams end 10PM GMT.



  • BaconBits, contact me to setup a time for our match. you're ASL I'm EST…. Unavail Sat afternoon/early eve (9AM-6PM your time) but other times on Fri/Sat/Sun might be open. Could start up till 1AM (9PM your time)

  • What?!?!? Since when did people ever know about Warhammer? o.O I finally found my people I shall join you all next season (since 1 week = 2 days appearently) in a battle of wits. Be prepared.

    -Lord Monotone

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