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    Would you like your character drawn? Just reply here or send me a PM, I would ask for donations but I am too poor(lazy) to open a paypal account. So this service is free, but as such the wait can be quite long depending on requests. Just fill in the form beneath here, and I will draw! To see samples of my previous drawings, click this link: viewtopic.php?t=147484

    [b]Character Name:[/b]
    [b]Screenshot of Character[/b]
    [b]Brief Description of Character[/b]
    [b]Other useful info/pictures[/b]

  • Character Name: Edwyn "Fast" Fastbrooke

    Screenshot of Character No screenshots, but use your imagination of what he might look like from what you've seen. Key points are he's bald, mildly attractive with light skin and brown eyes, he wears a black trenchcoat with a black cloth shirt.

    Brief Description of Character A excited rogue of three feet high or so, with plenty of shenanigans afoot and lots of energy.

    Other useful info/pictures I love you, Puffy. (That's useful information for sure πŸ˜ƒ )

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    Edwyn "Fast" Fastbrooke

    Odie Grim

  • Dayyyyum cool, Puffy. Actually bang on how I imagined him, plus a bandana. But that's awesome.

  • Character Name: Raevear Braveblade.

    Screenshot: I think a semi-profile of him wielding one of his signature greatswords, Relinquish, on his shoulder would be awesome. Looking like the tall and arrogant prick that he is.

    Appearance: Raevear is a handsome man in his early twenties, with long disheveled dreads of dark brown. A horizontal scar across his face leveled at the bridge of his nose. Bright, almost unnaturally clear sky blue eyes (if you do color at all). He's always wearing his noticeable suit of menacing looking blood red plate armor and long jet black cape.

    Other Info: If you want to just have him wear his spiked helmet that's fine (basically like the in game model if you've seen him). That might even be more cool. Also… I ruv you too. πŸ˜ƒ

  • Thanks Puffy, that's great! I like that he is smirking. My drawing is better though, here I'll post it:

  • Draw Phillip the scruffy looking investigator please. But make him standing next to Grim striking a heroic pose with a rapier and crossbow.

    Also make him look like the picture above.

    Have this done by next Thursday.

    In color.

    k thx

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    Raevear Braveblade

  • Character Name:
    Mond Arndt
    Screenshot of Character

    Brief Description of Character
    The young man in his early twenties looks decidedly unpleasant, starting with his eyes set at both sides of a short nose sharp enough to cut glass. They are too large, bulbous, and a sickly pallid green. They never seem to sit still, always rolling around, as if looking for something just past his edge of vision.
    His mouth is too wide for his face, with thin, bloodless lips behind which he hides a set of sharpened teeth. They're not quite filed to points, but they look sharp enough to give him a predatory look.
    Other useful info/picturesAs I realised while I was playing him, this should provide a good reference image. Minus the baldness.

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  • Character Name: Nathaniel Fynn

    Screenshots: None, but should be simply to imagine and based what you seen from my char Appearance/rp

    Brief Description: Nathaniel fynn has a slim phsique, charasmatic body.Wearing black robes, with slight edges of purple, his hood shadowing his face only to reveal a charming smirk, intreguing the observer. On the other side pushing them away due to the aura of thick darkness that edges closer to him in a loving manner.

    Other useful info/pictures : Your a great artist, and truely have talent! (Thought it was relevant)

  • lol phillip

    Thanks Puffy. πŸ˜ƒ

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    A little doodle I thought to share

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    Tristan and his Warmace, work in process. Be warned, naked man and his warmace. Don't worry, no nasty bits can be seen!

  • [b]Character Name:[/b]
    Kaiohwa Indebuah of the Anahi Or'Tel'Quessir 
    ("Kai" for short)
    [b]Screenshot of Character[/b]
    I don't have any, but right now he's got a goblin suit, caravan cloak, poofy anime hair (cough tiefling head my bad) he has a short bow, some occasio clubs, twin handaxes (well a handaxe and a hatchet, but both can chop wood) um a singing scimitar and an anti-vermin short sword, whips and hooked daggers, and an silver orcish double axe... but generally he just uses the occasio clubs or the short bow. He has his hood on a lot.
    with the cloak i don't usually bother with quiver/sword models etc. oh he has lots of fruits and seeds and is often carrying wood/ planks or whatever. i will post the description i wrote for his game info in next section.
    [b]Brief Description of Character[/b]
    This is most of my offline notes on kai... if lots of this stuff is too secret or personal, i can edit this post to be shorter...
    wood elf
    rillifane rallathil
    tree symbol
    14str,14con,14dex,14int,12wis,10chr (befpre racial mods)
    woodworking crafting
    sylvan, elven
    5'4", 140lbs , lithe athletic and agile build
    He moves with a slow, steady grace, then sometimes, with sudden moves faster than the eye can see.
    His body is covered in magical-seeming tattoos, of animals, natural forces and plants, and representations of spirits of nature, constantly moving about, shifting; their purpose seems to be protection from supernatural forces, and guidance from the spirit world and nature spirits (fey).
    He very frequently has a hood and face covering overshadowing his face, and a sharp unwavering gaze of emerald green eyes flecked with gold; but when down, you can see his hair is auburn, somewhat dishevelled, but often put into rough braids or tied back in some manner.  There are faint scars all over, some that seem fresh, but it seems his wounds are well taken care of.  Sometimes he seems to talk into the emptiness, speaking a name Sylphiel; when asked he explains its his faerie-friend Sylphiel, but no-one else seems to ever have seen her.
    Animals often seem to see him as one of them, one with nature, but neither paying him special attention or reverence nor enmity.  Some will visit and make noises at him, and he appears to listen, or speak whispered words back.
    He often seems on edge and uncomfortable in town; in the wilderness, he is not often not seen at all.
    He is adorned with tribal seeming accoutrements; trinkets with feathers; necklaces with teeth or claws, a medicine pouch of herbs and other blessed items that he wears around his neck or elsewhere that he believes gives him a boon.
    He is often blunt and does not seem to speak artfully enough to avoid the normal truths that sometimes cause hurt feelings; if this bothers him, he doesn't seem to let on, though.
    prc type stuff-
    scout type activities
    fast stealth, powerful detection abilities
    talks to animals, spirits, faeries
    natural skills, wood craft
    grow things
    -bags, leather armour, bows, arrows,
    -hunts and brings food to those who have little for barter; willing to do a lot of things for exchanges that don't necessarily involve gold/money, etc
    -finds bards/music soothing, overwhelming... something that he is willing to come to town for... will protect bards that he likes... like falling in love, but with the art and the music, not romantic with the person... doesn't share his deep love of art with many... wants to learn and be more musical, but isn't very good at it... doesn't like to seem foolish, incompetent
    -guide/escort -maybe ability to increase the stealth ability of those travelling with him/near enough to him a certain amount?
    -maybe spend skill points to learn different languages of beings he encounters?
    -take a feat to be able to talk to animals/spirits?
    -able to see spirits, into the spiritworld, has supernatural connection (but not a shaman per se)
    -'roar' ...sort of a teacher... takes it on himself to teach people the ways of nature, like when travelling with them... especially looks out for young elves, especially wood elves
    [b]Other useful info/pictures[/b]
    I have stories and um character sheets from playing him in different settings, but it is ok to diverge from that.
    When I made a 4th ed version of him after playing a bit on coa 7 years or so or go with the idea of a sort of 'neutral' assassin against the shadowvar, he ended up being a ... ranger, cross class old order ie druid, he was a 'hunter ranger' before essentials, which basically meant he could draw and put away weapons/ items quickly, so switching between melee/ranged weapons for diverse attacks... i think i actually cross classed i him at 11th level... sorry hybrid... to be a rogue ranger, but the rogue sneak attack wouldn't work on ranger attacks / with hunter's quarry... but if he action pointed he could do too big attacks in one round, a ranger and a rogue one... one of them was 'reliable' or something, so wouldn't go off unless he hit, and he could do about 100hp dmg with those two attacks, once.  he was not hitting as well as other pcs of his level, cuz i didn't take all the powergamed feats... he had sureclimber, so he could climb at his normal speed, and hidden sniper, so if he even had a little cover or concealment, but wasn't hidden, he would get his sneak attack... I was going to give him  a higher tier level feat called 'scimitar dance', which meant, even if you missed, you still would do some damage... death of a thousand cuts against enemies with unhittable ac... there was an archer one like this too, not sure if it was worth it tho... grazing strike... and um he had some stances... one was wolfpack stance, where basically any time an enemy attacks you, you get a free attack back, and to shift away... there was one called something like 'combat runner' which would let you run without provoking, and he had a martial practice where he could basically run all day, and so, with the druid flavour feature that he could 'basically' turn into whatever animal he wanted but stay at medium size, etc, i was thinking he could hide as animals, or turn into a mule, so with four legs, ability to run, a muleback harness magic belt that let's him carry extra weight, he could pull a cart with a tpk'd party and run all day to somewhere to get them raised lol. There was also a stance where you could get a free bow/dagger shot at anyone that moved toward you, which is almost like a 'hold the line' or 'cover fire' kind of situation... the point, like the wolf stance thing, was to be able to hold off a lot of weak enemies by himself/ survive.  I think I gave him something called an 'ahkram' hand axe, which was like a tool, useful for climbing and other stuff as well, balanced for throwing, with a spike to plant it when climbing, and a ring to type rope through, a hammer, etc, designed with parts so it could be repaired if damaged... i was trying to think of real life, and how you would do stuff, if you weren't in a city or had access to a forge... so the important bits were generally replaceable.  wow sorry for the essay this isn't brief. my memory is like... not there... it just start pouring back sometimes when i think about things...

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