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  • RE: Lycan tweak suggestions

    I hesitated a lot before adding in my point of view since I am not an expert at the mechanics nor pvp. However, I would disagree with this to a point.

    A werewolf (that I am certain was nowhere near lvl 10) was able to destroy my lvl 10 PC. Eating through stoneskin quickly and getting through the DR of my gear easily. His damage output was quite good. This was a one on one, no summons or companion. Things might have turned out different is so, but somehow, I doubt it.

    With a silver weapon, I manage to hit him... 2 or 3 times? So he had decent AC.

    Concerning spawns, keep in mind they are being revised by the dm team too, so some are still OP.

    I would agree that 1d6 seems low, however. Perhaps bump it to at least 1d8, to match bite damage of a large lycan?

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