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  • RE: Strange Undead

    A description is what we recall of the one called Nihlo.
    Young Dawn, you have seen him more than us, does this fit?

    • Nan
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  • RE: Child of Maluradek

    Our Brother of Wyvvernwood sought the Caul. He believed it a means to cure a girl recently turned into a vampire. Her name was Aniaria. We vaguely recall him mentioning she many have been of the Crimson one, before she was bitten. Strangely, however, she did not seek to kill him but have his aid. Apparently, it is two factions of undead, perhaps two coven, are battling for control. Control of what, we do not know. Perhaps the Caul.

    She gave our brother a talisman. When he wandered the depth, the old ruined tunnels under a city, a talisman pulled him toward one of the seals. He was given a vision, of the sands overtaking the land, filling it with loss and despair. Our brother believes the faction the girl now belongs to is trying to prevent this from happening. Why? He is uncertain. The other faction they fight tries to bring on this devastation.

    They remind us of the Heralds of Darkness...

    The one Asbaron seems to seek to protect the Caul, and we think he was after the vampire girl as well. We are not certain. We had a rather heated discussion on the matter with our brother, we wanted him to slay the vampire and be done with it. And find ways to put to rest the ghost Asbaron as well. We do not know what he is yet. A spectre, a lich? Whatever he is, he is powerful. Be wary.

    We asked him what a Caul was. He claimed to have seen it, though aAll he told us of it is that it was from the birth of Lathander. That it is of the gods and apparently wanted him to do something. He could not figure out what.

    The one Asbaron has a crypt in the desert. We can show them the way.
    The vampire girl often found our brother in the smuggling tunnels and ruins around it.

    • Children of the Redwoods
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  • RE: The White Horde and White Witch

    A Fang believes she is not very old. So it is that she has gotten her hands on some very old things.
    Where? Perhaps the sands? It is where a Horde first appeared after all.

    • Children of the Redwoods
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  • Enchanted Onyx has the Emerald look

    210120 StrawMan 7127
    Item: Enchanted Onyx
    From the Gem crafting system


    Once enchanted, onyx becomes the green gem used for emeralds.

    Minor bug.

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  • Gem Detailing Table in Eveningstar

    Could we get a Gem Detailing Table (I -think- that's the one?) in the Eveningstar, House of the Morning area? There everything else for gem work but not the gem polishing table.
    Pretty pleaaaase 🙂

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