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  • RE: [Closed]Buffs vanishing

    No, A wizard

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  • RE: We need more admins and storytellers


    I also offered to help out multiple times in the past and was instead blatantly ignored or yelled at until I left the server for months on end. Instead I became the go to vent person for ever player quitting the server or taking a break, trying desperately to convince them not to leave.

    And to be completely honest, you could have 20 storytellers and it would help but it wouldn't fix the main issue we are currently facing, based on the vents I have received. One DM running all NPC's, Plots, progression, and politics in the server means there is a single point of failure and leaves Puffy no wiggle room to balance her real life and the needs of the server. She shouldn't have to, and can't effectively do it without help.

    Also, @Echo you haven't had anything but snark for me in every post or message you've given me, running me off the server more than once. I'm an adult, not one of your school students. I really don't appreciate it, especially when I make a post (not this one but others) commending your hard work but confiding my problems and I get clapped back with snide comments.

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  • RE: We need more admins and storytellers


    To be completely fair, and I don't mean this as an insult to all of your hard work, 1 DM assigned to IG EVERYTHING is a surefire way to have a single point of failure. I get this is a high stress time for everyone and the world is slowly opening back up from quarantine but that doesn't remove the age old 7-P's.

    Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance.

    We need people IG or we're going to end up with a dead server again. We had so much momentum and potential. Also... discounting everything people have to say, especially when we have had multiple mass exoduses over the last few months, is probably another reason why things died down. When our BEST numbers are in the high teens, losing 5 people is a big deal and maybe we shouldn't be so quick to discount their feedback.

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  • RE: We need more admins and storytellers


    There are a ton of plots that can be pursued without a DM and with a DM IG. There is alot that can be done, the problem is eventually it does come down to a DM needing to represent NPCs or run an event based off the DM-less progress you have made. So, while I agree more IG DM presence would greatly improve numbers and fun, I disagree that it is impossible to do anything without a DM or without being in a faction. In fact, most of what Vincenzo and Burdrul have accomplished has been DM-less. We've just kinda hit a couple DM-needed walls.

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  • Temp Solution: Paid Mages

    With how much of a pain it is to fix stores and adjust pricing, is there a way we could get a temp server pop boosting measure? Maybe we could throw in a couple quick and dirty buffing NPCs like in previous versions to just throw some buffs on people so they can quest until everything is all hunky-dory and finalized in terms of pricing and balance? Would be easier to remove an NPC than it would be to re-edit all the stores and crafting pricing and it could go a long way towards getting people to stay logged in and quest since our numbers have tanked from upwards of 15 people IG on the weekends to 2-3 if we're lucky. Just a thought.

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