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Order of the Aster

The difference between us and other knights, is we wear pink. We also bring sunscreen.

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  • RE: Tass

    I have forwarded the proposal to Kira of the Precept Arcanum, we will wine and dine over the negotiations.


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  • RE: Tass
    • No kill shelter The Precept Arcanum promises to not kill anyone considered a 'stray' unless the Precept Arcanum has the clearance to do so by the Councils or Crown. Killing a person is a last resort, when all other options have been exhausted.
      • This will aid the Precept greatly with rebuilding their reputation
      • This will ensure current and/or future members of the Precept will not live in fear
      • This will protect the sorcerer bloodlines from extinction
    • Passage for the unfortunate Tieflings may venture into the lands of Eveningstar at their own risk, as their presence may offend the Celestial Guardians of Eveningstar. Under the condition that the Precept Arcanum supplies House of the Morning with blood vials of all their members with celestial heritage.
      • This will allow tieflings to worship Lathander freely in Eveningstar
      • This will allow tieflings to pledge themselves to the faith of Lathander in Eveningstar
      • This will allow tieflings to enter the land at their own risk, knowing the risks involved
      • This will allow celestial bloodlines to be preserved and guarded by the Celestial Guardian of Eveningstar
    • Lifting the banishment. In the interest of peace Eveningstar will lift the current banishment of the Precept Arcanum. In return, the Precept Arcanum will aid Eveningstar with clearing the shadow plague over the Western part of the Kingdom which was triggered by one of its member.
      • This will improve the relationship between the orders of Eveningstar, and the Precept Arcanum
      • This will show both Eveningstar and the Precept Arcanum willing to start a new
      • This will enable the Precept Arcanum to right their wrong against the land of Eveningstar

    The conditions are based upon these facts

    • The Crown made a final decision upon the death of Dawnbrother Tristan in the judicial system of the kingdom's Capital, which is outside the lands of Tilverton, Eveningstar, and Immersea
    • The Precept Arcanum's member is at the time of writing, still wanted for the death of Dawnbrother Tristan and causing the shadow plague over Eveningstar, disrespecting the laws of Eveningstar
    • The Precept Arcanum's members failed to adhere to the banishment made by the Bishop of Eveningstar, disrespecting the laws of Eveningstar
    • The Precept Arcanum's member expressed blasphemy against Lathander over sendings, disrespecting the laws of Eveningstar
    • In the interest of a new dawn, rebirth, and the blessed dogma of Lathander. Eveningstar agrees to not prosecute the Precept Arcanum members in the land of Eveningstar, under the condition that this agreement is signed and agreed upon by both the representatives of Eveningstar and the Precept Arcanum.
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  • RE: Some words from Seneschal Jelde Asturien

    (( goblin necromancer staff(sewer goblins) dark chain/armor(Ants), stonebones and vampiric touch(scrolls) would be nice as items for the ward ))

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