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  • RE: Old Tomb - Mortuary

    Stuck at the beholder sphere, fired all of the different abilities on the orb several times and the door wouldnt open.

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  • Sub Races no longer need applications. [Exceptions Apply]

    Great news all! We're changing our philosophy on applications.

    "Common/Average" Subraces no longer require a full app. All we ask for is a quick note as to what you will do to make it more than a human with bonus stats. That's just a quick check so that we know you've read at least the basics of the sub race you are planning to play.


    • I plan to show my Dragon Touched greed by demanding a larger share of the treasure.
    • I plan to play my Water Genasi as someone who remains calm and morose with the occasional emotional outburst.
    • I plan to emote the scent of brimstone and flicking tongue for my Tiefling.

    We will be implementing an ECL for these subraces in place of applications.(see below)

    ECL +1

    Plane Touched
    Aasimar (+2 wisdom/charisma, -5 acid/cold resist. 1/day light)
    Tiefling (+2 intelligence/charisma, -5 fire resist, +2 hide/bluff, 1/day darkness)
    Axani +2 intelligence/Wisdom, -5 sonic/cold.
    Cansin +2 intelligence/charisma. +2 bluff. -5 fire/acid resist. 1/day entropic shield.
    Earth Genasi (+2 str/con, -2 wisdom/charisma, -5 acid resist.)
    Air Genasi (+2 dex/int, -2 charisma, -5 electric resist, immunity to cloud spells, immunity to drowning).
    Water Genasi (+2 con, -2 charisma, -10 cold resist, immunity to drowning)
    Fire Genasi (+2 intelligence, -2 charisma, -10 fire resist)

    Dragon Touched (+2 Strength, +2 Charisma, specal based on type)

    ECL +2

    • All Lycans still need an app due to power and rp restrictions

    ECL +3

    • The rest like Drow, Deep Gnome, Deep Dwarf still need an app due to power and rp restrictions.

    We want to encourage interesting concepts being played IG, not some boring and stressful application process.

    For now, catch a DM IG to set you up. We're working on a way to allow DMless set up.

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  • RE: NPC sFaction missing

    Thanks. We've just not got there yet!

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