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  • portraits

    So how do I add a portrait that others can see as well?
    I managed to convert a portrait IG using the ##ConvertPortrait function, it produced the desired files into my otherwise empty portrait folder under documents, but the picture won't even show up for offline character creation.

    Where to put the thing?
    How to share with other CoA-ers?

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  • RE: Tyche Statue

    There are also hiccups with that script when the client loads the creature, which can happen multiple times if an area is large enough.

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  • RE: PnP RPG

    special mention goes to anyone who's posted in this ages old topic!

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  • PnP RPG

    Hey folks!

    This is just a short thank you for the past 10+ years for showing me how to play a roleplaying game despite the limitations NWN and a computer screen on general means.

    Occasion is that after founding a Pathfinder/D&D group and playing with them for a few years now yesterday I ran an adventure for a whole group of strangers completely new to the game and they all enjoyed and liked it. Not a big thing or a great feat, but a point that made me look back on the origins where I came from in regards of RPG gaming.

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