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House of the Dead

When the Skeletons in your Closet get to many to count.


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  • House of Death CRUSADE against Necromancy

    The esteemed House of Death announces a dedicated PURGE of Undeath in Arabel's neighbouring Hullack Forrest.

    It will accept all known accounts of Necromancy and Undeath in the Forrest, as well as any pledge of support in ridding it of foul and nefarious magic. Contact Caretaker Atarrtaze Theloke at the Chapter House in Southeast Arabel in relation to this solemn crusade.


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  • RE: Letter To Theloke from Private Mildred Hatchet

    Sergeant Hatchet,

    Myself, Brogmir of the Clan Snowsilver and temporarily Retainer Vargas ventured into the Sewers this evening to conduct a sweep in anticipation of finding more of the ratmen that have plagued the Citadel.

    Our party was soon descended upon by the creatures, however they were not as previously encountered. These rats were twisted, aflame in a ball of fire and coated in an icy white; they were brutal and plentiful. Upon the Retainers leave, Brogmir and I pushed forth and found time to properly interrogate a specimen.

    I can categorically determine that this new wave of foe is made, not born. Powerful transmutation magic is at work. Given the insight of Brogmir my best deduction is that the Crown which was stolen from the Militia Tower is being manipulated and wielded as a weapon to breed a new race of fierce ratmen.

    The question which presents itself, and for which we currently have no answer, is where this is being done, and how.

    Please accept this account on behalf of the House of Death.


    Caretaker Atarratze Theloke

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  • RE: Retainer Corwin Vargas


    It is quite imperative the matter is handled with one studied in the art of Divination.

    Amateurish bravado, whilst appreciated, will unfortunately get us nowhere despite the best of intentions. An expert in the field is required and I had hoped, perhaps, your Noble House might have the resources necessary to conjure one where I have failed to draw forth a champion from the adventuring many.

    Perhaps we might talk further once you have secured our talented arcanist.


    Caretaker Atarratze Theloke

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  • Retainer Corwin Vargas

    Retainer Corwin Vargas,

    I am writing to you on behalf of the House of Death with respect to a pressing concern weighing heavily upon both the Order and the Citadel.

    I do so in anticipation a House of your Noble Prestige might have a Mage to champion any and all arcane fronts which might concern the family. I am in dire need of one who specialises in Divination, and in the event you could provide a champion of this particular school I would dearly like to sit down and discuss this troublesome affair.


    Caretaker Atarratze Theloke

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  • Retainer Eidon Caerwal

    Retainer Eidon Caerwal,

    I am writing to you on behalf of the House of Death in hope the noble heritage of which you represent might be of assistance with a matter of grave concern regarding the welfare of the City and indeed the surrounding settlements.

    Might your House have a Mage of whom might have some expertise in Divination? It is quite important that the particular school is a speciality and one of focus.

    I look forward to working together in the event you can oblige this crucial need.


    Caretaker Atarratze Theloke

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  • Ruby, World Serpent Inn


    Seek me out at your convenience with respect to Aurinsola and their subjects.


    Atarratze Theloke

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