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House of the Dead

When the Skeletons in your Closet get to many to count.

  • Elven Warband

    New Concept,

    In the mist of the chaos of the Bright-Eyes war, Myth Drannor has lost one of their own. A caravan travelling the once well-protected roads of Cormyr was beset, leaving scores slain elvish warriors. This blow has shaken the realms of the elves to its core, and in response, an Elven Warband has been dispatched to her last known location: the Road of Arabel. These elvish warriors bare the mark of the Warband, known among all elves as a sacred symbol of union to protect their own. They bring with them judgement and wrath as they begin to hunt down those who have declared war without declaring themselves.

    Elves have their own duties and opinions on the Bright-Eyes war. They may agree, or disagree, but despite their feelings on it, life in the elven kingdoms continues to go on, and they have their own problems to see to. With the whole world at war and beset with conflict, they turn to each other for protection and unity as they have done in ancient past. This concept is about standing together and saving their own. The realms of elves have stood for thousands of years, and will do so for a thousand more, or so the Elven Prophets say.

    But peace cannot be achieved without putting down the enemy. Someone has broken the old code, and taken one of their own. They do not ask for ransom, or any kind of prize. This lord was taken to create conflict, and the elves band together to meet it.

    There is potential for this faction. We're looking for folks interested in a different side of elves, but all elves are welcome besides Drow.

    • Elven Rangers hunting down their favored enemy who they believe could have committed this atrocity are encouraged

    • Elven Clerics who believe this is a test of the gods.

    • Elven Sorcerers looking to benefit from rescuing the Elven Sorceror Lord

    • Elven Warriors of the Band sent from various cities to assist in the Hunt

    • Elven Paladins sworn to defend the elven way of life.

    There are a couple of us already, but we're looking for a few more! Hit me up on discord, or send me a PM if you're interested!

    Alignment restrictions:
    Neutral, Good, any non-evil really.

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  • RE: Written Letters never sent

    these journal entries are found on the Corpse of Arfas Klennemen.

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  • RE: Valediction

    Arfas is gone now, and what can I say? It's been nothing but a wild ride. When I started Arfas, he was my first real attempt at a wizard. I wanted to make someone stubborn, who thought he was 'Right' about everything, and unwilling to compromise. What I got was probably some of the most thoughtful and enjoyable RP that I've ever experienced.

    He deserved to die more than most people on the server, not because of his raw power, or because he served the wrong god, but because he woke up every single morning and 'decided' , 'chose' to be evil. He weighed both options, and thought it was better because it would suit him more.

    Obviously during the Glory story, this character had some tribulations. Yet that's the point, isn't it? I log in because I want people to affect my character, and be affected by it. He does what he does because that is who he is. He got killed for it, because he was bloody loud mouthed and squishy. So, I'll say it again, he deserved to die a hundred times.

    Now that i've said that, I'd like to take some time to thank some people who made it so much fun to log in every single day the last few months.

    Kold Klennemen,
    Mildred Hatchet,
    Roarke (orins old pc)
    Mortuis new PC whos name I couldn't spell to save my life
    (Sss) Who played a Cyric Elf, and another PC whos name I could never spell
    Crystal (because she figured out Arfas about 30 seconds into me playing him)

    There are more of you.. But I'm kind of realizing i'm writing every player name I know. Maybe that's the point of this post... Look, you're all so special. I like RPing here because of the weight we put on our characters. Because sometimes when we're playing them, it feels like the whole world could balance out if we could just do insert plot thing. That is why I think we're all here. We like that feeling of urgency, of fear, of trial and success and loss. We all just like.....Feeling.

    So again, thanks guys. I loved playing Arfas with you.

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  • Issue of Challenge: Vincent Prize


    MR. LUCK

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  • Retainers of Ebonhawk

    Greetings friends,

    We have much to discuss before this war council. I have a few ideas I would like to run by you. One of them is particularly unconventional.

    -Legionnaire Arfas

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  • RE: Written Letters never sent

    Dearest Brother;

    I spent much of the laterday trying to answer questions I wasn't even prepared to ask. Demons defending Arabel, manning the walls with undead, Drow 'defending' a corridor, and the Red Mother at the center of it all. Her little fingers reaching out hungrily, devouring their sentiments.

    They don't deserve this.

    Brother, I stood with you on the edge of our universe, gazing into the blackness with wonder and curiosity and fear. Not knowing truly what we had started. What we had awoken. Darkness hadn't been coming to Arabel, as Hope had assured me. Darkness was already here. It had been for longer than most of the Gods had been alive. They did what they could to combat it, and by their grace made Man and Elf and Dwarf to continue their good works. By the grace of the gods, they bestowed us with the most important feature of all, our Will. It is by this, that we forged empires and unions and did great things. Did.. Terrible.. Things..

    I can only speculate that we were given the gift of choice to prove we were not just 'Good,' but also 'Worthy.'

    Instead of fighting the darkness, instead of triumphing over evil, we decided to nurture it. We failed, and turned away from their blessing for darker pacts knowing full well the rules of the game: damn yourself, damn your soul, burn forever.

    When the Red Mother came to us, we were granted a second chance, and again, the fickle nature of our corrupted hearts showed our true loyalties. Not in the gods, but in our own need for self preservation.

    "Make her strong. Make her stand tall."

    I remember it. I was a part of it. I chose the same choice that you did, my dearest brother. We are all to blame. None of us are worthy. None of us are good.

    Yet still, we remain. A dwindling spark at the rising tide of the Angels. It isn't fear - we know fear. We've dreamt of it and gazed into it at the edge of the universe. The only emotion I feel at the end of the world is Anger.

    They gave us this world to share. They allowed us to choose, and rigged the game they forced us to play. They have no right to take the world out from under our feet. No right to stop others from choosing their own path. -That- is what this war is about. The game they made, the test of the gods, it was all a fallacy. None of us left, none that draw breath in this city deserve to live, yet still we stand. I want our last breath to be held back to spit in the face of our enemy, our old friend.

    How dare they judge us.

    This world was not theirs to end. It was ours..

    It's not fair. It's not fair. ITS NOT FAIR.

    Why must SHE haunt my dreams? I've seen chaos. I've murdered Lords and men. How can she haunt my dreams? What is she waiting for in the Salt march below Arabel? What awaits me in the underdark? Will she bury me there? Will she run me through as she did Mildred? ITS NOT FAIR! I KILLED HER ONCE I CAN'T DO IT AGAIN!


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