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  • RE: Vote: Ezri Hanes' Membership

    I see no reason to deny her.

    A yes from me


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  • RE: Case File: Black Dragon

    Mikul has been questioned.

    He openly admits he is loyal to Comryr, But claims he is not the Black Dragon and has had no contact with them.

    He claims he is in Arabel because his father, A Lionar was murdered by men from a foreign company and he wishes to fufill his fathers goal of putting the spirits of South Horn to rest.

    He states if he is contacted by this Dragon he will let us know if their plots endanger people, But doesn't seem overly sincere.

    Mikul merits further observation due to his loyalties.


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  • RE: Case File: Black Dragon

    And you don't think a spirit calling itself Majesty is suspcious especially when Cormyreans seem to be plotting against the city?


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  • Letter to the Herald of the Court [DM]


    As requested here is the report into the Greywatch's investigation into the Scarlet Syndicate.

    When I arrived in the city I began an investigation into the Scarlet Syndicate after learning two of their members had began to serve an Abberant and murdered someone as well as tried to harvest eyes from them.

    Informants such as Shadow of the Precept, And Talia a former member of the Syndicate who left after Borovar and the orcan were hired and didn't like how they began focussing on brutality. were questioned on various subjects such as if other members of the Syndicate had been involved in the attacks on people by the abberant cultists and rumored necromancy in the Hullack. It should be noted that as a former member if anyone was going to make falsities against them Talia has most grounds but states when she was with them they commited no illegal activities

    The following was learnt, Jack was also questioned when his beating was administered

    Upon the Abberant cultitsts, Borovar and the orcan acted alone, It has been learnt that Borovar encountered a behdolder and after being trapped in the maw maw of a beholder and was enthralled and tasked to gather eyes, the orcan being a wild and savage beast assisted him, Both were fired from the Scarlets after Borovar attacked Jack and tried to take his eye but failed. No informants could report other members of the Syndicate assisting or taking part in Borovar and the Orcans attacks.

    Upon Necromancy in the Hullack: This appears to be a rumour started after the Syndicate attacked the strong hold of Yellow Puss, A hobgoblin warlord in the Hullack, A day or so after the attack a large number of hobgoblins was found animated in the forest, There is no evidence that the syndicate animated them, Greg the druid of the Hullack believes the hobgoblins may have had tomes of necromancy that were taken and used by the Syndicate, But he was not present and Talia who was reports that no tomes were there.

    Upon Treason: There is no evidence they have acted against the kingdom of Arabel, At one time members called themselves titles such as Viceroy and Archmage they stopped when the council threatened them with punishment via Councillor Steel, At most this would be impersonation of authority.

    Upon Assualt and Magical Assualt: Proven and punished by a harsh beating, There is no doubt they along with Boom and Bewm assualted the Dawnlord and Members of the Precept got caught in the battle.

    Upon worship of the indecent: Most likely connected to the Abberants, which as proven the members who served them were fired and then slain by adventurers.

    Religious crimes: At the time the bounties went live these were not valid, Currently it seems they have some posters criticizing the Dawnlord, Though this more seems a matter for Eveningstar and the Church of Lathander to deal with rather than a warrant from the entirety of the Kingdom, Especially as they are already exiled from Eveningstar for the assualt there


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