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  • RE: Green Dragon located in the Temple of Lost Lovers

    This is most strange to us. The Oath has not heard or seen this creature. Either the green ones goes out of its ways to avoid us all, or there is something most strange going on.

    Has those who seen it described it? Was it a youngling or a full grown adult?

    We would see this stone circle as well.

    • Redwoods
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  • RE: Deadwell undead problem

    We will share what is known of Deadwell.

    First. We must warn them. Deadwell is not simply an undead and vampire infested cemetery. It is cursed land. It is dangerous land. To fall within a crypt may bring them certain doom, or seem them tainted by undeath.

    What is known of Deadwell, is that a coven of Vampires resides in its depth. And they are no simple vampires. They are cultists. Of the Cult of Slaughter. Of the dead god Bhaal. But they are not all vampires. Some are manlings. Fanatics of Slaughter. We met one once, within a crypt. From his death, we have seen a vision. A vision of one of them that caused much trouble for a den of Arabel, many moons ago. A Pale Man. Orosthor, he was called. We saw manlings kneeling before him. They spoke of slaughter and retaking a den of Arabel. But we knew there was another, more powerful presence they knelt before. A Master of Deadwell. A female vampire. We did not see this one. Only heard her voice.

    For a time, as we battled a vampire's hordes of undead, people started to find black gems. Foul creations of the Pale Man, that controlled their mind and allowed them to bring forth undead with its necromantic powers.

    Magelings of the Tower were working with a foul vampire but, in the end, stabbed him in the back. Still, they worked with the foul creature for their own gain for a long time. We still wonder what would have happened if they had not betray the vampire.

    What is most strange, is that another coven of vampires that may be hiding within a den of Arabel aided to see the Pale Man ended. The Vampire Rhul showed the way to those that came to end the Pale Man. The Vampire of Slaughter was eventually slain, at great cost and hard battle. But not for good. A woman Rhul said a coffin was a decoy. That a Pale Man could return in a month or a year. It was uncertain.

    Some time after this, a Lady of Coin entered a crypt and made it to its very bottom. There it is she used sun gems, and light battled the darkness for a moment, until a Lady collapsed. We are uncertain of the effect his had. Perhaps it slowed down the cultists in their foul attempts to take a den of Arabel.

    This is what is known of Deadwell.

    • The Redwoods
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  • RE: Southhorn undead problem

    A land is restless. Many moon ago, a knight was encountered a few times. it roamed, seeking a champion to protect the people and to continue to defend their cause. We have not seen this one for a time, but as the dead as still restless, we suspect he did not find what he wanted for his people.

    A Crimson one, elf, Crimson Bear we called him, once fought it and gained a weapon from it. Perhaps the Crimson ones can dig around their papers to find his notes, if he left any.

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  • RE: The Final Battle

    Let us hunt the foul Witch down and put an end to her. Let us remain wary, as she is a wounded animal, yet still, it is time we take a fight to her and put an end to it all.

    We suggest in the meantime, those that can, find where it is she believe she can come unseen.

    • The Redwoods
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  • RE: Assault upon Tilverton

    A title is something he must resolve with a House of Coins alone. The rest, we do not see why it could not be agreed to. His aid against the witch for his claim of Tilverton.

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  • RE: Boosting the Council's Image

    We will find her when we can.

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