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  • RE: Battle for the Redwood.

    We will prepare our forest as best we can. In this we many need assistance.
    We will keep them appraised.

    • Children of the Redwoods - Nanthleenee
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  • Of Dark alters and desiccated monuments

    Lauriella gets a letter from the Council of freedom and immediately writes a reply.

    I see that I am still of some use to Arabel. Thank you Council leaders for accepting me. I am currently investigating, and creating a siphoning incantation to help with the Dard Alters problem. In the past as you see from my inquiries and inputs into ACT many plans failed to take fruit.

    I have spoken with Nanthleene in great detail over the dark alters and desiccated shrines. There is still one question that remains we must answer. Is negative energy the only power source of these alters or does the negative energy also carry with it something else? We must know the exact nature of all variables before proceeding with any cleansing.

    I have a book to which i can preform a legend lore spell, however as you know I am preoccupied on writing the incantation to siphon the energy from these alters. Osco also has a book to which he can also preform legend lore. Being that I am currently pre-disposed perhaps he may preform the spell and with his bard knowledge understand more than when I did this the first time.

    It is an option that the council may act upon in my absence so that we cause no harm when we preform this ceremony on both the alters and the sacred drudic monuments. I did seek council with Nan before I left for Immersea. She will have all the knowledge of both the ritual and plan to rid the forest of the rotting disease. Also Mair the Mage will have knowledge of our plans.

    Once again thank you for accepting me
    Captain Lauriella Sithmore.

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  • RE: Council Roster

    Name: Great Druid of the Redwoods Nanthleenee
    Sponsor: The Oath - Hierophant Granite the Wise - The Redwoods

    We are the children and the guardians of the Redwoods. The protection of its land and people, and, above all, the Balance, is our responsibility within the Oath.

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  • RE: Council Roster

    Name: Lauriella Sithiir
    Sponsor: last member of the defunct ACT. Recruited by Nyx to be an Analysis, tactical coordinator and specialist in necromancy.

    I will keep the files of ACT for the council. With the council's permission I would like to stay on and help this new organization in any way I may while still living in Immersea.

    I would also suggest Jo as a member being that she has been my control and coordinator these many months we have worked together well in the past.

    Thank you
    Captain Lauriella Sithiir.

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