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Council of Twelve Peers

A council of the people of Arabel to deal with threats to everyone

  • RE: Report on Frogs

    They are related to Slaad eminating from Tethgard in the Hullack.

    I expect Soppi can provide more details as it is a problem of great concern to the druids.


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  • Slimes near Colinwood

    On a venture to take care of some trolls in a swamp of which we were successful we arose from the swamp cave only to start being assaulted by slugs and slimes. Some of which seemed rather unnaturally large. I was with Dex and Talia at the time. In our efforts to destroy the foul things too much noise had been made that alerted the Colinwood camp of purple dragons. Shortly after fireballs began to sail over our heads all around sometimes way to close to us as if they were hoping to hit us with them as well. As soon as an opening in the onslaught appeared we escaped the forest. Again this was a couple weeks ago. I apologize for not making reports I will stive to better inform the council.

    Dawnbringer Jadzia Sunguard

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  • Report on Frogs

    This is a report that I should have submitted to the council some time ago. Though I will do so know.
    On my way to Hillmarch I passed near the gate to the Hullack. I was beset apon but unfamiliar frogs that would explode when I would kill them. As such it seems they explode eggs of some kind as shortly after I could feel wriggling sensations in my wounds and shortly after they were bursting with more frogs in a very short time. This might be of some concern we should consider.

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  • RE: Threat: Abberants in the smuggling tunnels

    Councilor let us not forget as we tried to leave the tunnels the hordes of Undead that tried to surround us and keep us from escaping and what appeared to be a possible necromancer that seemed to be commanding them. Had it not been for High Dawnknight Myrkyr's brother we would not have escaped with our lives.

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  • RE: Report: Attemped Murder and Arson in Eveningstar

    I will submit the results when the investigation is final. We will be apprehending the suspect very soon I assure you.

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