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Council of Twelve Peers

A council of the people of Arabel to deal with threats to everyone

  • RE: Beholder Threat: Beholder License

    Samples and funding is our current problem, we can't safely dissect these creatures in the walls and we don't have the funding for building anything we'd make, but I've an idea that may work. We use hounds or any other applicable beast to detect the bulbs implanted, or differences in their blood.

    The Precept does not deal in mundane beasts, but I see no reason I can't train something similar and of a magical nature to do the same. We'd still need samples, but it's certainly a lower cost option to magical equipment.

    -Blood Dragon, Scion Naresh Sabzvari

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  • RE: Diplomatic mission: The Rogue Legionnaires

    Nazim is in league with Asbaron and his minions. They all worship a corrupted vision of N'asr, their god of death. I believe we have what we need to prove to the Synod that Nazim has acted with dishonor. This combined with the previous incidents is more than enough evidence, though now... I am saddened to say, complicates matters. Where before I intended to challenge his honor in the bedine tradition of a duel to the death, before the Synod.... we may need to find some way to taking him alive so we can question him and learn what the hell is going on.


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