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  • RE: To Sir Longheart

    We should not bring the fight down on the people of the City. We should be their shield. Not use them for ours. If Tallstag and the the rest of the devil worshipers are removed from the Militia tower and Lady Prize or some other respectable Captain could be installed, would the Order move out of the South West District? Restoring the citizenry to civil control under the crown. We would either bring the fight to a designated battlefield or if the enemy is cowardly and unwilling to face us, disperse and fight evil where we find it. Either way, neither side returns to take Arabel, it is left in the good hands of a militia we agree to before hand.

    Is this something you would consider?


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  • RE: The Glory Paladins


    The Paladins are in the right. The militia is corrupt and Fang is no exception. The Crown should support us and have us put Tallstag and the rest of the corrupt Militia to the sword. Then the followers of the Glory will have no issue. If need be, if the Crown can not spare the forces to help us, then have them give a Writ to put the Warriors of the Glory into service and now we have an army.


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  • To Sir Longheart

    Sir LongHeart,
    We have not met to my remembering. I am Amal of the Glory. I serve the inquisitor by oath but Hope by calling. I have questions for you. Especially about your order you announced.

    In Service of the good.


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  • RE: Investigation of the Militia and Child Possessions

    I have not had the good fortune to meet with Sir Longheart, but his assessment of Fang's wickedness is not incorrect. She follows a devil dragon and serves in a militia led by devil worshipers. So it would not be surprising if she is involved. But I do not know for a fact that she is.

    In your Service.
    Deputy Amal

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  • RE: Letter to Amal

    1)The Glory was the the divine host that brought the will of most of the gods of good intent to a single form. It was set on saving the good souls from being lost by the end of the world.

    2)I serve Lathander, and his aspect of Hope in particular. His choice to join the Glory made my path clear.

    3)To save the good and make them ready for the new world the Glory was making for them.

    4)In the war to save the good, any that would stand against us were involved in evil acts. We have purple Dragons in our ranks. The good stood with us. I would allow those that stood against us to surrender. To fight us was evil.

    5)The good that died were assured a place in heaven. The Evils we fought found the hell they deserved.

    6)Some were honorable. Others are akin to snakes. I can clarify my view of where you lie on this scale if you have any doubts.

    7)Twisted, corrupt. They sought to end this world. And to end the gods.

    8)They are good folk. They did not want evil to win. They fought the Orcs and the Red Mother. They were not allies, but they were a force for good. So not our enemy.

    9)It is poorly reasoned. We allowed people to choose to be good or to be evil. They were not forced. But in a war against evil, of course we tried to defeat our foes.

    Deputy of the Inquisitor, Servant to Lady Mildred, Faithful of Lathander and bringer of Hope

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  • RE: Out of Game / Leaving Thread

    @Matriarch Get better soon.

    Rest of the gang, I will be out a little bit longer than I thought. Team Sherif- don't die while I am gone. Team Elf and Glory, the same. And with much love, Team Militia.... rot in hell devil worshipers.

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