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  • Quest: Silence of the lambs - no interior spawns

    Area name:
    Issue Location: Quest area interiors
    Quest Name: Silence of the lambs
    Store Name:
    NPC Name: Hogart Rancher
    NPC Location: Bospir
    Server Version:
    Screen Shot:
    Time: 16:00 06/09/2020 BST

    Issue Description:

    There were no spawns inside the cattle shed or in the house. Boss did not appear to spawn, though when alchemist fire thrown around upstairs in the house it seemed to damage someone. Still couldn't detect anyone with see invis and amplify spells active. Unable to complete quest.

    Tried leaving buildings and quest area a few times. No change. Forgot to get the quest area name before cancelling quest, sorry.

    posted in Closed Bugs